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LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Polybag Showing Up at Target

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle (30246) Polybag

There have been reports that the LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle (30246) polybag has started showing up at Target stores. It has 57 pieces and retails for $3.99 and can be found at the implulse buy section at the checkout aisles. It is pretty much a mini version of the Lambda-class Imperial Shuttle. The polybag may or may not be at your stores yet but it’s worth checking out. Thanks to James and Ben for emailing this in.


Some LEGO Star Wars 2014 Polybags Revealed

Brickset has updated their database with some new LEGO Star Wars 2014 polybags. Although there are no images yet, we do know the names of them and the number of pieces included: Anakin’s Jedi Intercepter (30244) – 45pcs, Imperial Shuttle (30246) – 57pcs, and the ARC-170 Starfighter (30247) – 54pcs. The parts are provided so you can probably use LEGO Digital Designer to create it yourself and see if they are something you want to purchase or not when they come out.

Update: There are now images of the new polybags.

LEGO Star Wars Anakin’s Jedi Intercepter Polybag (30244)

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Polybag (30246)

LEGO Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter Polybag (30247)

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LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle (10212) Review

Around Christmas 2011, I was looking around different sites to see if there were sales going on at that time. To my delight, there was a sale on for the LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle. Not really wanting to spend that much on a LEGO set but it was a deal that I couldn’t pass up. The set includes 2503 pieces and retails for $259.99, which is at $0.09/piece. The bricks come in many bags, and when I say many, I mean many! The bags aren’t numbered but are organized very well. I recommend a big table to spread out the pieces when assembling because there will be at least ten different piles. There are four instruction booklets included in a polybag with a cardboard backing so the booklets wouldn’t get wrinkled. The set was released in September 2010.

Imperial Shuttle Imperial Shuttle


Christmas Haul

Christmas 2011 came and went and boy did I end up with a lot of LEGO sets. I didn’t expect to end up with so much but there were a lot of sales going on and I had to snatch them up. My girlfriend also gave me a couple of sets as well including some great minifigs. As you can see, I did splurge this year. My greatest haul this year was probably the Imperial Shuttle that I got on sale from Amazon. Let me show off the sets individually, the front and the back of the boxes.

Christmas LEGO Haul

Continue LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Sale!!

If you’re been wanting to get your hands on the LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle (10212), then now is the time. is having it on sale for $181.99. That is 30% off the MSRP!! It is no doubt a fantastic deal especially for the amount of pieces you get for the set. It contains 2503 pieces which comes out to $0.07/piece. Amazing!! Not sure why the price fluctuates so much with this one. A couple of days ago, it was at $204.99, and now it’s dropped another $23. Why not treat yourself and your family to this great set. Plus take advantage of the FREE Super Saver Shipping and you might even get it before Christmas arrives. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get it in 2 days. Jump on this deal before the price changes again!!

*EDIT 12/17/11* – The price for the set now has risen to $189.99. It’s still a $70 savings of the retail price.

*EDIT 12/19/11* – Looks like the price is back up to $218.99 now. Still a ok deal but better to wait and see if Amazon does another sale in the future.

*EDIT 12/21/11* – Well the price is down to $209.00 as of today. As you can see, the pricing on this set is very unstable.

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle


LEGO Star Wars 2011 Advent Calendar Day 10 – Imperial Shuttle

For Day 10 of the LEGO Star Wars 2100 Advent Calendar, we get the Imperial Shuttle. It only takes 8 pieces to create this replica. It can be displayed either in flight mode or landing mode although you might need a stand for it sit right in flight mode as it is top heavy. Overall, I think the Imperial Shuttle is a nice ship to be added to the calendar.

Day 10 - Imperial Shuttle Day 10 - Imperial Shuttle

LEGO Star Wars 2011 Advent Calendar


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