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LEGO Ultra Agents Infearno Interception (70162) Review

The new LEGO Ultra Agent sets are now available in stores and the one that really stood out for me was the Infearno Interception (70162). The set contains 313 pieces and retails for $29.99 for a $0.10/piece ratio. The box contains two numbered bags, an instruction booklet, and a small sticker sheet. With the Ultra Agents sets, LEGO is also promoting the FREE interactive story app on Google Play (Review).

LEGO Ultra Agents Infearno Interception (70162) LEGO Ultra Agents Infearno Interception (70162)


LEGO Ultra Agents Official Images

LEGO Ultra Agents Riverside Raid (70160)

The new LEGO Ultra Agents sets are now listed on Amazon UK and the official images are also available as well as the descriptions for each set.

Riverside Raid (70160)

Urgent call for rookie Ultra Agent Max Burns! Adam Acid is trying to steal crates of toxic compounds from the Astor City docks for his Super Villain master, Toxikita. Give chase on the awesome 2-in-1 quad bike and jet speeder and thwart this Riverside Raid! Fire the stud shooters from the vehicle or detach and use them as hand weapons. Activate the jet speeder function to split off and take the action-packed pursuit to the water. Attach the rear winch to pull back the jet speeder, and when you’ve located the missing crates, use it to drag them back to a safe place. Includes 2 minifigures with weapons: Agent Max Burns and Adam Acid.

LEGO Ultra Agents Riverside Raid (70160)

Tremor Track Infiltration (70161)

Attention Ultra Agent Jack Fury! Tremor, the iron-fisted Super Villain, is rampaging through the streets of Astor City in his fearsome armored track vehicle. Your vital mission is to protect the ultra chip which contains all the Ultra Agents’ secret plans. Stay clear of the vehicle’s massive power-punching fists. Fend off the flick missiles with the shield and retaliate by firing the stud shooter. Use all your skills to outsmart this heavily-armored Super Villain. Just one mighty punch from Tremor’s vehicle will explode the mainframe database and release the precious ultra chip! Includes 2 minifigures with weapons and accessories: Tremor and Agent Jack Fury.

LEGO Ultra Agents Tremor Track (70161)

LEGO Ultra Agents Tremor Track (70161)

Infearno Interception (70162)



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