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LEGO City Summer 2020 Official Set Images

Portuguese online shop has listed some of the upcoming summer 2020 LEGO City sets including the Ocean Explorer subtheme that is supporting National Geographic Explorers. There are also some sets that are airplane related which haven’t had an abundance of since 2016.

Air Race (60260)

Central Airport (60261)

Passenger Plane (60262)

Ocean Explorers Mini Submarine (60263)

Ocean Explorers Exploration Submarine (60264)

Ocean Explorers Exploration Base (60265)

Ocean Explorers Research Boat (60266)

New LEGO Easter 2020 Polybags at Walmart

It looks like Walmart stores are getting a new LEGO Easter display with some new polybags. There are two LEGO City polybags which are the Police Car (30366) and Beach Buggy (30369) along with a LEGO Creator Cat (30574). All three polybags I believe are priced at $4.97 which is the new increased priced for 2020 polybags. Thanks to pnwlego for the heads up.


LEGO City Cargo Train (60198) Amazon Sale – February 2020

If you’re into LEGO trains, the LEGO City Cargo Train (60198) is currently on sale for $176 on Amazon. This is the lowest price this set has been in about ten months so you know it doesn’t have many significant discounts that often. The set does include the Powered Up system as well as enough track pieces to go around in a circle. Note that this sale price only applies to the Overbox edition, whatever that means that it ships in the LEGO shipping box that retailers get.


LEGO City Summer 2020 Set Details – Nuremberg Toy Fair 2020

Next up on the summer 2020 LEGO set details, we have information on some of the LEGO City sets courtesy of Zusammengebaut. The two main subthemes for this year include airplanes and ocean exploration. The ocean exploration sets will differ a little from the Deep Sea Explorers subtheme from 2015. The flagship set will feature a large ship that is able to lower smaller submarines from the middle. The 2020 Advent Calendar will include items from the City Adventures animated show.

Air Race (60260) – €29.99
Central Airport (60261) – €49.99
Passenger Airplane (60262) – €99.99
Ocean Exploration Mini Submarine (60263) – €9.99
Ocean Exploration Submarine (60264) – €29.99
Ocean Exploration Base (60265) – €59.99
Ocean Exploration Ship (60266) – €129.99
2020 Advent Calendar (60268) – €19.99


LEGO City Straight and T-junction (60236) Amazon Sale – January 2020

If you are expanding your LEGO City, Amazon has a great deal on some Straight and T-junction (60236) road plates. They are currently on sale for $9.95 each which is 34% off the regular price. These road plates go on sale but they don’t go this low that often. It’s been about 10 months since it has dropped below $10.


LEGO January 2020 Double VIP Point Sets

It’s a brand new month and that means that LEGO Shop@Home is offering Double VIP Points on a couple of sets. First is the LEGO City Police Station (60246) where you can get 1,300 points on it. The other set is the LEGO Star Wars Sith TIE Fighter (75272) and you will be able to get 1,040 points for it. Both sets are new for 2020 and it’s a random selection that LEGO chose for the Double VIP Points sets this month.


LEGO City Tracks (60205) Amazon Sale – November 2019

If you’re looking to expand your train layout, Amazon currently has the LEGO City Tracks (60205) on sale for 30% off. It is priced at $13.99 which is the lowest it has been on the site. In this pack, you get four curved tracks, eight straight tracks, and eight flexible tracks. This is a great deal if you do train layouts because you probably know that tracks aren’t cheap to come by.

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