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Even More LEGO City 2020 Official Set Images

There are even more LEGO City 2020 sets that have surfaced online via online retailer Van der Meulen. Probably the most interesting set out of this group is the Racing Cars which features two colorful non-licensed vehicles that are the usual 6-wide style if you prefer them.


More LEGO City 2020 Official Set Images

There are now images of more LEGO City 2020 sets via Polish online retailer Remix Kaja. These are on top of the Police and Fire sets that were revealed the other day. The set names have been translated so they aren’t totally accurate.


LEGO City 2020 Official Set Images

There are now official images of the 2020 LEGO City sets via online toy retailer There are eight new sets shown with six of them being Police while the other two are Fire Rescue. One of the Fire sets makes use of the ripcord feature found in the Ninjago sets.


LEGO City 2019 Advent Calendar (60235) Amazon Sale – September 2019

The new LEGO City 2019 Advent Calendar (60235) is currently on sale for $24.99 on Amazon. Although it is only $5 off the regular price, it is equivalent to 17% off. The only other sale for the advent calendars is for the Harry Potter (75964) which is only 7% off.


LEGO City Mobile Command Center (60139) Amazon Sale – September 2019

I don’t promote LEGO City sales that much but there is one for the Mobile Command Center (60139) on Amazon that you may want to check out. Normally it retails for $49.99 but it is now going for $29.99 which is 40% off and it is the lowest it’s ever been on Amazon. This sale price makes it a more attractive buy due to its normal higher price point.


LEGO City Mars Exploration Minifigure Pack (40345) Retired Already?

LEGO City Mars Exploration Minifigure Pack (40345)

Here’s an interesting piece of news that have just come across my inbox. It looks like LEGO has already retired the LEGO City Mars Exploration Minifigure Pack (40345) online even though it has only been available for only a month. I’m not sure if this an accident or if it has actually been retired or if it’ll come back in the future. If you have a LEGO Brand Store near you and still want it, you may want to call in and see if they have any in stock. Thanks to Jesse for the heads up!


Pre-Order LEGO 2019 Advent Calendars on Amazon

You can now pre-order the new 2019 LEGO Advent Calendars on Amazon. This year, there will be four calendars to choose from instead of the usual three with the Harry Potter (75964) one added for 2019. I’m not sure if there will be a HP one for next year but it’s nice to see something new and different this year. The calendars will be available starting on September 1.

Friends (41382) – $29.99 – 330 pieces
City (60235) – $29.99 – 234 pieces
Star Wars (75245) – $39.99 – 280 pieces
Harry Potter (75964) – $39.99 – 305 pieces

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