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LEGO Ninjago Merchant Avatar Jay (30537) Showing Up at Walmart

If you’ve been looking for the LEGO Ninjago Merchant Avatar Jay (30537) polybag, I’ve been told that they have started to show up at Walmart. The set features Jay disguised as a merchant and the cart is filled with weapons and fish. The polybag is selling for $4.86 and you can find it either in a bin or hanging in the LEGO section. Thanks to Jakob for the heads up.


LEGO Ninjago Summer 2020 Set Details – Nuremberg Toy Fair 2020

Next up on the summer 2020 LEGO set details, there is information on the LEGO Ninjago sets. The newer Legacy sets will be continuing which are smaller versions of the original sets they are based on. One thing that is new is that some of the sets will be able to be combined to create a board game experience.

Spinjitzu Burst Cole (70685) – €9.99
Spinjitzu Burst Kai (70686) – €9.99
Spinjitzu Burst Lloyd (70687) – €9.99
Lightning Jet Battle (71703) – 4+ Legacy version of Jay’s Storm Fighter (9442)
Kai Fighter (71704) – Legacy version of Kai Fighter (70721)
Destiny’s Bounty (71705) – Legacy version of Destiny’s Bounty (9446)
Lloyd (71717) – €24.99
Dragon with Wu (71718) – €19.99
Rhinoceros (71719) – €49.99
Earth and Fire Mech (71720) – €69.99
White Dragon (71721) – €79.99
Dungeon (71722) – €99.99

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LEGO Ninjago 2020 Official Set Images

There are now official images of the 2020 LEGO Ninjago sets via online toy retailer This new wave seems pretty interesting as it continues the Legacy subtheme as well as sets based on Season 12. I do like the little arcade sets that are at the end of the list.


LEGO Ninjago City Sales on Amazon – September 2019

For you Ninjago fans, there are some great deals on the LEGO Ninjago City sets over on Amazon. First is Ninjago City (70620) itself coming in at $239.99 or $60 off. The other set is the Ninjago City Docks (70657) which is going for $183.99 which is $46 off. Both are listed as limited time sales so they could go away at any time. Thanks to Ken for the heads up.


LEGO Ninjago Visual Dictionary – New Edition Pre-Order

LEGO Ninjago Visual Dictionary - New Edition

There will be a new LEGO book coming out this week called LEGO Ninjago Visual Dictionary – New Edition. I’ve talked about this book before but this is an updated version of the previous book from 2014 and it also includes an exclusive minifigure which is revealed to be Teen Wu. It has 128 pages and it retails for $21.99 but you can now pre-order it at a discount for $15.39 (30% off).

Spin through the LEGO® NINJAGO® world with this fascinating visual guide

Spin through the LEGO® NINJAGO® world with this fascinating visual guide. Discover NINJAGO City with Lloyd, Kai, Cole, Jay, and Nya and meet their dragons and foes, including the Vermillion and Sons of Garmadon. Explore the amazing sets, vehicles, mechs, and weapons. Look around the S.O.G. headquarters, examine the awesome Ninja Nightcrawler and Destiny’s Bounty, and learn all about the art of Spinjitzu.

Discover how the awesome LEGO NINJAGO sets and minifigures are created in the “Beyond the Brick” chapter, which features concept art and an interview with the LEGO NINJAGO design team. With the LEGO NINJAGO: Visual Dictionary, you will find out everything there is to know about the LEGO NINJAGO world.

LEGO Ninjago Visual Dictionary - New Edition

LEGO Ninjago Visual Dictionary - New Edition

LEGO Ninjago Visual Dictionary - New Edition

LEGO Ninjago Visual Dictionary - New Edition

LEGO Ninjago Visual Dictionary - New Edition


LEGO Ninjago – The Fire Chapter Story Trailer

LEGO Ninjago - The Fire Chapter

LEGO has released a new trailer for the upcoming episode of the 2019 LEGO Ninjago TV season called The Fire Chapter. According to the caption on their Facebook post, it will be premiering June 22 on Cartoon Network and it will be about 11 minutes per episode.

The trailer shows Queen Aspheera wanting revenge on Garmadon who locked her in a pyramid for a thousand years and the ninjas need to use the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu to defeat her.

The Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu have been kept a secret for a thousand years. With good reason. The evil Serpentine sorceress, Aspheera, was banished along with the Scrolls – but now she is back, hungry for revenge, and ready to get her fangs on the Scrolls once more and reclaim her powers. The ninja’s powers, friendships, beliefs and loyalties will be put to the test like never before.


LEGO Ninjago and Spider-Man Minifigure Packs Now Available on [email protected]

I’m not sure what the delay on these were for but the LEGO Ninjago (40342) and the Spider-Man: Far From Home (40343) minifigure packs are now available for purchase on LEGO [email protected]. These packs are definitely some good ones which includes some highly sought after minifigures. Remember the promotion for the LEGO Ideas Space Rocket Ride is also live with purchases of $99 or more. Thanks to Nikki for the heads up!

Ninjago (40342)

Get set for exciting adventures with this 40342 LEGO® NINJAGO® 2019 Minifigure Set for kids. Youngsters will love playing out battles against bad guys Pyro Destroyer and Blizzard Archer with ninja hero Kai in his Legacy outfit and a new-for-June-2019 minifigure of legendary explorer Clutch Powers. Each minifigure has a weapon and the set also includes a brick-built weapon rack with additional weapon accessories. A great gift for youngsters to use with their LEGO NINJAGO construction toys for creative role-play.

Spider-Man: Far From Home (40343)

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