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LEGO Technic Powered Up Components to be Sold Individually

LEGO has announced that you will be able to buy certain LEGO Powered Up components that were found in various Technic sets separately starting on June 1. This allows builders to further enhance their builds without having to invest in a whole set just to get the parts.

A message from Gaute Munch, Director Product Technology (Product owner of Powered UP)

For the past two years we have been in dialog with Ambassadors here on the LAN about Powered Up. The feedback that you have shared has been greatly appreciated. It has been insightful but also pleasure to work and brainstorm with different AFOLs around the world on Powered Up. If you are a member of a Recognized Community, thank you.

Today, we are excited to share the news below with you. We are even more excited to know what your plans are? Are there existing sets you are already excited to modify? Are these going straight into your MOCs? It is almost time for show-and-tell!

Great News on Powered Up Components!

Until now our LEGO® Technic™ Powered Up components have only been available to buy as part of the sets and we know that some of you have been interested in having the electronic components available to be sold separately.

Powered Up components are the hubs, motors, lights, sensors and control handsets that can help builders bring their LEGO models to life. The components can be used to add motorized movement and light features to models, and control them through the Powered UP App.



Changes Coming to LEGO Powered Up

The LEGO Powered Up team has released a statement regarding the Powered Up app and what we can expect to see in the future. They have been taking feedback from the LEGO community and have been making changes to the features that will affect both kids and adults who use it.

Dear AFOLs and Powered Up users,

First of all, we want to thank you for being AFOLs and users of Powered Up. Your feedback is always highly valued and vital to our future roadmap and vision of LEGO® Powered Up.

The LEGO® Powered Up app has a wide spectrum of users. From kids using the app as a remote control for their LEGO trains, bat mobile, or their own creations, to really technical users building
amazingly advanced LEGO models, and everyone in between.

We aim to please the entire spectrum of users, without forcing anyone into a one-size-fits-all. We aim to lower the floor so that kids can easily get started with the app. We aim to widen the walls and offer different ways of coding and controlling LEGO models. We aim to raise the ceiling to remove limits for our most advanced users.

This means that when we launch something new, it isn’t always for everyone. Lately, we have launched a few very advanced features (Handset and LPF1 support). We realize that these are way too advanced for kids, but this is not for them – yet. These features is our way of trying to raise the ceiling and making new things possible with


LEGO Powered Up 3.0 Coming Soon

Last year, LEGO launched the LEGO Powered Up system and soon, they will be releasing the newest update for it which is LEGO Powered Up 3.0. One of the major changes to it is that it will support the latest LEGO Technic hardware. For those who have multiple hubs, you will be able to connect up to four hubs. Plus there’s a slight UI change and it’ll be cleaner and easier to use.

Ready for an early Christmas present? We are super excited to reach this milestone in our digital system in play, with LEGO Powered Up 3.0. With this update we hope to further empower your creativity and enable all of you to rebuild the world. Also, we have a fresh new look!

What’s new?

For those of you that have more than one hub, good news, you are now able to connect, address, code, and control multiple hubs (up to four actually).

The app now fully supports the new LEGO TECHNIC hardware. You are now able to connect the new LEGO TECHNIC hub, and use the internal tilt sensor, as well as the new LEGO TECHNIC motors. For the real techy ones, the app can read values from internal sensors (orientation (X, Y, Z), and acceleration (X, Y, Z) of the TECHNIC Medium Hub (Hub128). From the app you can pair motors on port AB, and CD. The app also supports the TECHNIC Large Linear Motor (Motor no. 2) and TECHNIC XL Linear Motor (Motor no. 3). From the app you can regulate power,


LEGO Answers Questions About LEGO Powered Up

LEGO Powered Up

A short time ago, LEGO asked LUGs and fan media around the world to take questions about the new LEGO Powered Up system which are in some of the new products such as the LEGO City Trains and in the App-Controlled Batmobile (76112).

Over on the LAN Blog, LEGO has answered a number of questions regarding the LEGO Powered Up system and it looks like there are major changes to expect from the old Power Functions system. One of the main questions I’ve seen been asked on social media is backwards compatibility with PF and it looks they will not be and LEGO will be leaning on the AFOL community to come up with solutions to that problem.

There’s a lot to take in at this time because LEGO Powered Up is still very new but I’m interested to see how the LEGO community will manage to integrate it into their current setups especially in the train and great ball contraption communities where a tried and true framework is still ideal for what they need their layout to do.

What are your thoughts on Powered Up? Let us know in the comments below.


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