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LEGO Stranger Things Sketchbook Available in VIP Reward Center

The LEGO VIP Reward Center has been updated with a new item that Stranger Things fans may be interested in. For 1,500 points, you can get a LEGO Stranger Things Sketchbook that is in a video cassette design. The image on the slipcover is from the promotional image during the release of The Upside Down (75810) a few months ago. The sketchbook itself has the design of a VHS cassette and it is hardcover which gives it a premium quality.

Use your VIP points for this limited edition Stranger Things Sketchbook

Head back to the 1980’s with this vintage style Stranger Things sketchbook. The ideal companion for your adventures around the town of Hawkins or anywhere else!

This video cassette inspired hardcover sketchbook contains 120 pages for your notes and doodles. Comes with a cardboard slip case featuring instantly recognizable Stranger Things minifigures from the hit Netflix original series. A great gift for Stranger Things fans who will love to show their passion for the series. Size 103 x 184mm

You will receive a promotional code for this item.

This code is redeemable on your next purchase at
Shipping fees may apply. Code must be entered during checkout in field labelled “Enter Promo Code”.


LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Barb Minifigure Review

LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Barb

Today is the second day of San Diego Comic Con 2019 and LEGO’s minifigure giveaway is for the LEGO Stranger Things Barb. The way the giveaway was done was the same as yesterday for the Advanced Suit Spider-Man except for a couple of things. First is that the time changed from 9:30am start time to 8:30am so I’m going to assume it’ll be like that tomorrow as well for the Zebra Batman. Also they added another iPad to make the line go a lot faster and I was out of the line by 9:00.

As for the packaging, it’s the same clamshell style as before. The card features the LEGO Stranger Things logo along with the SDCC 50 years on the bottom left. The back side has an advertisement for The Upside Down (75810).

LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Barb

As you can see above, my card has scribbles all over it. That is because the LEGO designer of The Upside Down, Justin Ramsden, was in town and he had a signing event at the LEGO booth so I headed there to get my signed along with many other fans. My inscription shows, “To The Brick Fan”, along with a speech bubble that says “Help”. All of it including the signature is written upside down.

As for the Barb minifigure itself, she is wearing the pink plaid ruffle shirt that is knotted on the top. The legs are just her blue jeans with some printing of the button and pockets. She has a double-sided head showing her with glasses and having … Continue

LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Exclusive Barb Minifigure Revealed

LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Barb

LEGO has revealed another exclusive minifigure they will be giving away at San Diego Comic Con 2019 with LEGO Stranger Things Barb. This minifigure will be available on July 19 through a randomized instant win drawing. I’m sure Barb will be very sought after for collectors and fans of Stranger Things.

LEGO Stranger Things SDCC 2019 Barb


LEGO Stranger Things Poster (5005956) Promotion on Shop@Home

LEGO Stranger Things Poster (5005956)

I guess today is Stranger Things sort of a day with Season 3 hitting Netflix. LEGO has started a new unannounced promotion on for a LEGO Stranger Things collectible poster (5005956) with a purchase of the LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810). Enter the code GONE at checkout and the poster will be added to the cart. This promotion will run online only from now until July 14, while supplies last. Also remember that you’ll also get Double VIP Points with your purchase.


LEGO Stranger Things Season 3 Poster Mosaic

To celebrate Season 3 of Stranger Things, LEGO took part in Netflix’s Fun Fair last weekend at the Santa Monica Pier to create a brick-built mosaic of the Season 3 Stranger Things poster. It measures 90 inches tall ad 60 inches wide and it is made from over 56,000 bricks. This massive creation took over 40 hours to design. Check out the timelapse video of the mosaic below. Thank to LEGO for sending it over.

The LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) is now available for purchase on Shop@Home and until July 7, you can earn Double VIP Points on your purchase.


LEGO Stranger Things Castle Byers Review

LEGO Stranger Things Castle Byers

A few days ago, the LEGO Stranger Things Castle Byers building event was held at LEGO Brand Stores around the US. If you remember, the build was originally at the Flatiron and Leicester flagship stores when The Upside Down (75810) was released.

The build is pretty straightforward with it just stacking bricks. The outer part of it uses some brown antenna pieces to represent the sticks that are on the outside of the castle. There’s a flag for the cloth used as the entrance but the interior is empty. I do like the addition of the tire sitting on the outside of it. The main thing here are the exclusive stickers for Castle Byers and the All Friends Welcome sign. These were given after you finished the build but if you’re building it with your own bricks, there are some available on eBay.

As an eBay Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

LEGO Stranger Things Castle Byers

Below is the parts list for Castle Byers as well as updated scans of the building instructions with better color quality. I do appreciate LEGO doing this building event for the rest of the US as many fans were pretty vocal about having it at only two stores around the world. I do feel bad for those who paid $100+ on the secondary market to get it though.

2x 4114026
1x 4243815
1x 4516843
2x 6016172
1x 4530712
2x 4211183
4x 4211180
4x 4211181
11x 4538252
1x 4243838
5x 4211525
1x 4541978
2x 6011817
1x 4210660
8x 6167700
2x 6268815

LEGO Stranger Things Castle Byers

LEGO Stranger Things Castle Byers

Update: My friend … Continue

LEGO Stranger Things Castle Byers Building Event Reminder

LEGO Stranger Things Castle Byers

If you signed up for the LEGO Stranger Things earlier this month, this is a reminder that the Castle Byers building event will be held later on today if you have forgotten. I believe a majority of the stores will be doing it between 5pm-7pm and some will have slot times. If you didn’t sign up for the build, I suggest hanging out after the event has ended to see if the stores have any left over from people who didn’t attend.

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