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LEGO Marvel SDCC 2019 Advanced Suit Spider-Man Minifigure Review


LEGO Marvel SDCC 2019 Advanced Suit Spider-Man

The first official day of San Diego Comic Con 2019 is now over, at least for me, and LEGO’s minifigure giveaway today was for the LEGO Marvel Advanced Suit Spider-Man from the hit PlayStation 4 game. The way the minifigure was given away was reverted back to before where everyone waited their turn on the iPad to see if they won or not. There are some new changed that have been implemented to the way the giveaway was done. First was the time change to ~9:30am from 12pm from previous years. Also the amount of people who were able to win has been increased dramatically. According to the rules sign that was posted, for every five people that went in, four would win and it showed.

LEGO Marvel SDCC 2019 Advanced Suit Spider-Man

As for the Advanced Suit Spider-Man minifigure, it comes in the same clamshell as before. The front of the card shows the Spider-Man logo from the game as well as the SDCC50 logo at the bottom left. The back of the card shows the Marvel Gamerverse logo and the legal jargon.

The eyes on Spider-Man’s head have some silver metallic around the upper part of it. The rest of the head has some webs on the front as well as on the back. There is a large white spider on both sides of the torso to go along with the classic red and blue color scheme. The legs have some of the red on the side and there’s also some red toe printing.

LEGO Marvel SDCC 2019 Advanced Suit Spider-Man

LEGO Marvel SDCC 2019 Advanced Suit Spider-Man

Overall, I think the LEGO Marvel Advanced Suit Spider-Man minifigure is a good one for attendees and the changes to the how the giveaway was done is also nice. LEGO gets to put more minifigures in fans’ hands in a shorter amount of time. I was located just below the first set of stairs next to the glass windows and I was out of the line by 10:30. The only thing that kind of bugged me was that the time that it was done. We literally did not know the details of the time until yesterday so plans did get shifted around because of it. As for the line, it went all the way down to the marina so I’m not exactly sure where it ended up to.

Spider-Man itself is a pretty cool exclusive and most likely will not show up in an official set. The detailing on it is spot-on and I do like the metallic silver on the eyes.

There’s always the issue that LEGO should’ve released it for everyone but I’ve already said my piece on this before. As with any con exclusive, not just LEGO, not everyone will be able to get it unless you choose to go secondary market route. As of this writing, it is currently hovering around the $200 range.

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