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LEGOLAND Fire Academy (40393) Now Available at Parks and Discovery Centers

I haven’t talked about this set yet but LEGOLAND parks and Discovery Centers are now selling a new exclusive set called the LEGOLAND Fire Academy (40393). It has 221 pieces and retails for $18. If you’ve been to any LEGOLAND parks, the Fire Academy is a staple attraction at the parks. Attendees are able to ride the fire engine by pumping the crank to the building and shoot some water at window where the “fire” is happening. The past few years, LEGO has been releasing sets that have featured various attractions at the parks. Even though they are technically exclusive to LEGOLAND, some of these sets have made their way to LEGO Brand Stores here in San Diego.


Man Refused From LEGOLAND Discovery Center

A couple of days ago, I read an article on that a man from Windsor, Ontario was turned away from a LEGOLAND Discovery Center after driving 3 hours to Toronto because he didn’t have a child with him. John St-Onge is a 63 year old AFOL who was excited to that there was a location close to home since he has health problems and can’t travel that far. When he found out there was a Discover Center in Toronto, he planned the trip with his daughter only to be refused at the entrance to the park because he didn’t have a child accompanying them.

Apparently there’s a relatively obscure rule that was posted on the website but nobody thought to look at it since they were already paying for the admission tickets. Needless to say, John was devastated that his dream of visiting a LEGOLAND attraction would be crushed by what I think is a pretty stupid rule by LEGOLAND Discovery Centers ran by Merlin Entertainments. Although LEGOLAND does have an adults-only night once a month, it doesn’t take away from the fact that an ill man went out of his way to buy a ticket and drive 3 hours only to be refused at the entrance. They state that the rule was in place “to protect the families and children that visit.” I think it’s just a rule for Merlin to make more money since parents most likely won’t be leaving kids there by themselves and they are pretty much obligated to attend with … Continue

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