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Lunar/Chinese New Year 2016 LEGO MOCs

Lunar/Chinese New Year 2016 is still one day away here in the US but it has already taken place over on the other side of the world and here are some more LEGO MOCs celebrating the holiday. The above creation is by Titans Creations and the rest below are labeled. Happy new year to everyone that is celebrating! I know I’ll be eating a lot tomorrow.

Chee Keong

Cheng Heng Chin





LEGO Creator Year of the Monkey (40207)

LEGO Year of the Monkey (40207)

Lunar New Year 2016, aka Chinese New Year, is now less than one month away and people, including me, have already started preparing for the occasion. For 2016, the Chinese zodiac lands on the Year of the Monkey so for those who were born in the years 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, and 2016, this is your year to shine.

For the past couple of years, LEGO has released small Creator sets celebrating the Lunar New Year with sets that are only available in Asian countries and they have continued that this year with the Year of the Monkey (40207) set. This set has 165 pieces and is currently available at Toys R Us Hong Kong as part of their promotion.

For people in other parts of the world, it’s almost impossible to get one of these sets unless you have connections or you just buy it off the secondary market. Fortunately, LEGO has provided the building instructions for you to create your own if you have the parts. I hope LEGO continues these kinds of builds for at least two more years for the the Year of the Dog because I’ll be very interested in that one.

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Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year 2015!

Chinese New Year Candytray

Today is Lunar New Year, aka Chinese New Year, and it begins the Year of the Sheep/Goat. Happy New Year to everyone who is celebrating the next couple of days and I wish everyone happiness and good luck. The above MOC is created by Andy Hung (Andybear) and it shows the traditional candy box that is used during this time of the year. On the lid of the box, you can see the word 福 which means fortune or good luck. You can also see some traditional gold ingots that were used in China in the past as a form of currency. I know I’ll be eating out of these boxes the next few days and enjoying all the goodies inside.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, LEGO has released a small Year of the Sheep (40148) set. Unfortunately, it is/was only available in countries in Asia. If you really want one of these sets, there are some available on eBay and BrickLink.

As an eBay Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

LEGO Year of the Sheep (40148)


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