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New LEGO Hero Factory Polybag Mini-Mech (40116) Polybag Found

LEGO Hero Factory Hero Mini-Model (40116)

Coming out of Brickset’s database, there is a new LEGO Hero Factory Invasion From Below polybag that will be coming out in the near future, a Mini-Mech (40116). This 31 piece polybag features Natalie Breez from the Alpha Team riding a small mech wielding two swords. These new minifigures for Hero Factory were introduced this year’s winter wave sets. There’s no word yet on how this polybag will be distributed.

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LEGO Galaxy Squad Mini Mech Polybag (30230) Review

During the month of August, LEGO is having a promotion for a FREE LEGO Galaxy Squad Mini Mech polybag (30230) when you purchase $50 or more at LEGO stores and on Shop@Homeicon. These polybags were on available for sale at select Walmart stores earlier this year but I didn’t see at my stores. The Mini Mech set contains 28 pieces.

LEGO Galaxy Squad Mini Mech (30230) LEGO Galaxy Squad Mini Mech (30230)


LEGO Galaxy Squad Polybags Revealed

Brickset has revealed two new polybags for LEGO Galaxy Squad: the Mini Mech (30230) and the Space Insectoid (30231). The instructions are readily available via Brickset’s instruction page. The human minifigures are ok but I would rather have more alien minifigures. These polybags are expected to be released sometime in 2013.

LEGO Galaxy Squad Mini Mech Polybag (30230)

Mini Mech (30230)

LEGO Galaxy Squad Space Insectoid Polybag (30231)

Space Insectoid (30231)


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