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LEGO First-Person Game Animation

Some of you may know this but besides LEGO as my hobby, I’m also an avid video gamer. I’ve been trying to start up streaming on Twitch but I don’t seem to have the time to. That’s why when I saw this video by andrewmfilms, I was absolutely amazed by it. The video shows various first-person games with the characters being replace by LEGO minifigures including Portal 2, Skyrim, Bioshock, and of course Counter-Strike: Global Offensive aka CS:GO.

The animations are very well done and I especially like the Portal 2 one. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past month, you would know that Portal 2 will become an official set with LEGO Dimensions this fall. Check out the video below.


LEGO Dimensions Confirms Portal 2 and Doctor Who Level Packs

LEGO Dimensions

Many of you may have saw this on Brickset while I at work but apparently LEGO has decided to publish the instructions (now removed) for the LEGO Dimensions Back to the Future Level Pack (71201) which confirms the LEGO Portal 2 and LEGO Doctor Who themes for the upcoming toys-to-life game. Other themes that have been newly revealed for LEGO Dimensions include Scooby-Doo Team Pack (71206) and The Simpsons Level Pack (71202) which we already could tell from the blurry image we saw last month as well as Jurassic World Team Pack (71205).

LEGO Dimensions The Simpsons Level Pack (71202)

LEGO Dimensions Jurassic World Team Pack (71205)

LEGO Dimensions Scooby-Doo Team Pack (71206)

The Portal 2 Level Pack (71203) includes a Chell minifigure, a Weighted Companion Cube, and Sentry Turrent. The Doctor Who Level Pack (71204) includes Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, the TARDIS, and K-9. Also in the Doctor Who instructions (now removed), the licensing page mentions Dalek and Cyberman so could we possibly be seeing them in future packs?

LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 (71203)

LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack (71204)

For the Jurassic World Team Pack (71205), we have the Owen and ACU Trooper minifigures, a brick-built Velociraptor, and what appears to be the gyrosphere. Surprisingly, the Owen minifigure will be the second set for the character considering that he’s the main character in Jurassic World and he’s only in the Raptor Rampage (75917) set. For the Scooby-Doo Team Pack (71206), we have the Scooby and Shaggy minifigures, the Mystery Machine, and a pile of food.

If you’re just wanting some of the new characters like Chell and the Doctor and was wondering if the minifigures come off the bases for your enjoyment, rest assured that they … Continue

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