Deskp on Eurobricks has posted a image of the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack box which shows a list of characters that will be in some of the expansion Fun Packs, Team Packs, and Level Packs. We already know a lot of them during the reveals last week but there are still some that are a mystery. The image shows the top of the box but rotated using Photoshop so it’s still blurry.

For some of the future characters, I already noted them in my speculation post but there are a few that raises more questions than giving answers. One of the characters is listed as #3. Many people on the forums have been guessing that it is Chell from Portal video game series. Way back in 2012, the Thinking With Portals! project on LEGO CUUSOO reached the review stage but ultimately failed at becoming an official set. In 2013, the Wizard of Oz set also reached the review stage and didn’t pass either but the theme will officially be used in LEGO Dimensions later this year. If that third character on the box is actually Chell, that means that LEGO has obtained a licence to create a minifigure of her as well. Plus it makes sense since a Portal would completely fit in with the LEGO Dimensions.

Now that we’ve seen the top of the box at a different angle, who are your guesses for the characters listed? Click on the image above to see a larger version. Guessing is fun but we just have to wait until we see a clear image of the top of the box to see who’s confirmed for the game.

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