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LEGO Godzilla T-Shirt Now Available on RIPT Apparel

RIPT Apparel LEGO T-Shirt Minizilla

Alrighty folks, the LEGO Godzilla themed t-shirt Minizilla by Brinkerhoff that we mentioned a few days ago is now available on RIPT Apparel for $10. The design is based on the new Godzilla movie that was released last month. Brinkerhoff has designed many cool LEGO-themed t-shirts and this will be another one that I will be adding to my collection. Like many limited-time t-shirt sites, Minizilla will only be available for 24 hours so get it while you can.


LEGO Godzilla T-Shirt on RIPT Apparel This Thursday

RIPT Apparel LEGO T-Shirt Minizilla

This Thursday, June 12th, RIPT Apparel will be having another LEGO-themed t-shirt for sale. With the recent release of Godzilla in theaters, Brinkerhoff has created a design based on the iconic Japanese monster but in LEGO minifigure form and is called Minizilla. The shirt will go for $10 and will be on sale for 24 hours.


LEGO Futurama “Shut Up and Take My Money” T-Shirt on Ript Apparel

LEGO Futurama Fry Shut Up and Take My Money

A few months ago, we asked for your help on our Facebook Page to vote for a t-shirt design on Ript Apparel in hopes of having it printed. Well that day has come for the LEGO Futurama “Shut Up and Take My Money” design. It is now available for purchase on Ript Apparel for only $10 for 24 hours. If you’re feeling adventurous, they also have a set of 4 coasters (see below) featuring characters from Futurama as LEGO minifigures including Fry, Leela and Nibbler, Bender, and Doctor Zoidberg.

I’ve mentioned before that Ript is one of my favorite t-shirt sites and the quality of the shirts are excellent. Shipping starts at only $2.98 and they usually ship in two business days. Feel free to use our links above and you’ll be helping support the site to keep it running smoothly.


Mini Marshmallow Man T-Shirt on Ript Apparel

Ript Apparel is back with another cool LEGO themed t-shirt. This time it is the Mini Marshmallow Man by Brinkerhoff. Since we’ll be getting the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 as an official LEGO set in the near future, this shirt will go great with it. Like with many other sites that sell t-shirts, it will only be available for 24 hours so act fast. If you use the link above, you’ll be supporting The Brick Fan.

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