The LEGO CUUSOO Fall 2013 results are in and the next official LEGO CUUSOO set is Brent Waller’s Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary set! Unfortunately, from what was shown in the video (see below), only the ECTO-1 and the minifigures will be in the final product which means the iconic firehouse would be left out. There were a total of seven projects up for review which was a record including Female Minifigure Set, Poptropica: Dr. Hare’s Lair, The Road to Oz, ATLAS Mini Model Education Outreach, Ghostbusters, FTL – Faster Than Light, and Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary. The Female Minifigure Set by Alatariel is still being evaluated. The Land Rover Defender 110 project from the Spring 2012 review was also rejected.

Below are the images from Brent’s project and not a representation of the final product. There were a lot of very good submissions that was going up against the project but somehow it was worthy enough to become official CUUSOO Set #007. The final ECTO-1 car model was largely based on the original design of the car. LEGO is still working out the final design, pricing, and availability for the set. Congratulations to Brent for joining the exclusive club of designers who has gotten their project to become an official LEGO set!

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