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LEGO Shazam (30623) Minifigure Confirmed to be in LEGO DC: Shazam! – Magic & Monsters Movie

It looks like we can now confirm the LEGO DC Shazam (30623) minifigure polybag will indeed be included with the upcoming LEGO DC: Shazam! – Magic & Monsters movie. Collider is reporting that both the Blu-Ray Combo Pack and the standard DVD versions will both have the Shazam minifigure packaged inside. We’ll have to see as we get closer to the June 16 release date to confirm that both version will have it. You can now pre-order the movie at Target in the links above and if you have a REDcard, you can save an additional 5% on the price.


LEGO SDCC 2012 Shazam Minifigure Sweepstakes Live on LEGO VIP Reward Center

LEGO has kicked off their sweepstakes for the limited edition 2012 San Diego Comic Con Shazam! minifigure over on the LEGO VIP Reward Center. One winner will get this exclusive minifigure that also includes a protective case with what appears to be an authenticity sticker. Each entry costs 50 VIP points and you can have a maximum of 15 entries per person which is a total of 750 points if you decide to go the maximum amount. The deadline to enter the sweepstakes is March 2, 2020.

Eligible countries: Canada (excluding Quebec), Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.

Please note, you are not eligible to enter from the following locations:
Canada: Quebec is ineligible


LEGO San Diego Comic Con 2012 Shazam Minifigure VIP Sweepstakes Coming in February

After many months, it looks like there will be some new rewards available soon on the LEGO VIP Reward Center. On the LEGO Ambassador Network, it has been stated there will be new sweepstakes every month and starting in February, they will be giving away the exclusive 2012 San Diego Comic Con Shazam minifigure. VIPs can enter by redeeming 50 VIP points, up to a max of 15 entries, and the winner will be drawn randomly. Future minifigure sweepstakes will include a signed LEGO Star Wars minifigure and an exclusive Marvel character.

They have also teased on some other rewards that will be coming soon including designer signed Imperial Star Destroyer (75252) sets and signed Star Wars Visual Dictionary copies.

Reward Centre-specific items, we are looking to kick off our first Exclusive minifigure sweepstake in February with a 2012 San Diego Comic-Con “Shazam!” minifigure where people from the following countries are allowed to participate***. VIP Members can enter the competition by redeeming 50 VIP points (up to a maximum of 15 entries) with the winner being drawn at random (postcard entries applicable where local law dictates).

The Rewards team intend to operate these sweepstakes every month starting 10th February and running until 2nd March for Shazam! Upcoming minifigure sweepstakes will include a signed Star Wars minifigure and an exclusive version of a Marvel character.

With regards to other items upcoming on the Reward Centre (dates to be confirmed) are designer-signed Imperial Star Destroyer sets and designer-signed Star Wars Visual Dictionary copies.


New LEGO DC Comics Shazam! (30623) Found on BrickLink

LEGO DC Comics Shazam! (30623)

Well here’s something coming out of Brick Heroes that’s pretty unexpected. There’s a listing on BrickLink for a LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Shazam! (30623) polybag that is based on the recent film. The torso is the same one as in the upcoming Batwing and The Riddler Heist (76120) but the head sort of resembles Zachary Levi from the movie. There’s no word on when this new Shazam! polybag will be available but it’s possible it could be in June when the new LEGO Batman 80th Anniversary sets are released.


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