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The LEGO House Construction Officially Begins

Last year, we reported that The LEGO Group will be constructing the LEGO House which will be opening in Billund Denmark in 2016. A few days ago, LEGO announced that the construction for the LEGO House has finally begun. Three generations of the owner family was there to lay the six foundation stones that represent The LEGO Group’s values: imagination, creativity, fun, learning, caring, and quality.

The completed project will be 12,000 square meters and will feature multiple experience areas, a cafe, an unique LEGO Store, and a 2,000 square meter public square. The LEGO House is expected to bring in about 250,000 people annually.

Bjarke Ingels, founding partner of BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group and the architect of the LEGO House notes:

“For me the LEGO brick embodies the notion of systematic creativity – that the rigour and rationality of the LEGO brick allows children of all ages infinite possibilities to create their own worlds and to inhabit them through play. We have been inspired by the modularity of the LEGO brick to create the LEGO House. It will appear like a cloud of interlocking LEGO bricks that form spaces for exploration and exhibition for its visitors within. On the outside the pile of bricks form the roof of a new covered square as well as a mountain of interconnected terraces and playgrounds.”


A Closer Look at The LEGO House

Earlier today, LEGO shared a concept video of the design for The LEGO House which will be opening in Billund, Denmark in 2016. The new experience center will be 80 meters by 100 meters and will be about 30 meters tall. From the top view as well on the inside, visitors can see a building that looks like giant LEGO bricks stacked “in a creative way to create an imaginative experience both outside and inside.”

There will be lots things to see and do including exhibition areas, a cafe, a LEGO store, and a public square which is all packed into 7,600 square meters of land. The LEGO House will be built in collaboration between the LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation, and KIRKBI A/S. Once finished, the LEGO Group will manage the daily operations. LEGO estimates that the new building will attract 250,000 visitors annually. Check out the video below to see more of The LEGO House.


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