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Wes Jenkins Passes Away (1952-2017)

We are sad to learn that Wes Jenkins, Creative Director, Writer, and Designer for LEGO Island, has passed away today. You may remember that last year that Wes was facing some financial hardship and reached out to the community for help.

Wes’ legacy is remembered here in the community with LEGO Island, LEGO Island 2, and co-founded the Learning Range at LEGO. The success of LEGO Island spawned other themes including Island Xtreme Stunts and Racers and influenced subsequent video games such as LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Thank you to Johnathan who emailed in about this news.


LEGO Island Co-Creator Wes Jenkins Needs Your Help

A few people have emailed me about this so I’m doing what I can to spread the word about it. Some of you may or may not know about Wes Jenkins but he was the Creative Director, Writer, and Designer for LEGO Island back in 1997, a game that was pretty popular and well-received and spawned more LEGO video games such as LEGO Star Wars and two more LEGO Island sequels.

To cut it short, Wes has been hit with illness and financial hardship and needs help as he and his wife are facing eviction and needs some temporary housing. They are currently residing in Texas but if you’ve been to Texas, you know that the weather can be extremely harsh, especially duing the summer. You can read more about Wes’ story over on Rock Raiders United but there is a GoFundMe page set up to raise money for Wes and his wife. Please help spread the word and any support is definitely appreciated.

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