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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes PS3 & Xbox 360 Demo Now Available

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game

A day after the PC demo for the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game went live, the Xbox 360 version is now available for download as well. Head over to Xbox Live to get your free demo right now. The PlayStation 3 version will be available at the PlayStation Store later today. We’ve already demoed the PC version of the game and our review is already live. You can watch our full gameplay in the video below.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Xbox 360 Achievements

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Xbox 360 Achievements

We are now exactly one month away from the release of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game and has posted 45 different achievements you can get for the Xbox 360 system for a total of 1000 points. This list also gives us some details of the game that we haven’t seen before. First, there are 15 levels in the game with the stage names. Another detail is some new characters that haven’t been seen on confirmed character lists such as Kraven the Hunter, Electro, and the Black Cat. In addition, there is an achievement called “Ultimate True Believer” where you have to unlock all the True Believers. Doing a little research, the True Believers are some obscure Spider-man villains and have four members in the group: Payback, Headtrip, Red Zone, Battalus. I haven’t heard of these characters but it may look like they’ll be in the game as well.

There is also an achievement called “Guardians of the Galaxy” where you unlock all the characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy. This means that there could be more than one character from the team in the game. The only one that is confirmed is Rocket Raccoon but could also include Drax the Destoryer, Gamora, Groot, and/or Starlord.

Finally, there are a couple of fun achievements such as one called “The Toast of Croydon” in which you create a character called “Trevor.” *Spoiler Alert* If you remember from Iron Man 3, Trevor was the actor who pretended to be the Mandarin and he was mentioned … Continue

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