LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Poster

Today, the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game PC demo became available for the public. I spent some time playing it and also doing a recording of the gameplay. My laptop isn’t specced for gaming so there might be a little lag in the video. The controls I used were the default ones.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Silver Surfer

The beginning cutscene “shows” unknown being eating the LEGO, Marvel, WB Games, and the Telltale logos after they blown up. After he finishes eating, he tells the Silver Surfer to find him something else to eat. The game starts off with the Sandman and the Abomination taking over Sand Station Central and wanting the Cosmic Bricks. Iron Man comes into the action along with the Hulk. Throughout the demo, you can the hear some voiceovers from Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson. Initally, you take control of the Hulk and Iron Man. You can switch between the two by pressing (U). Each character has an Action/Attack (H), Jump (J), and a Special Move (K). The Hulk’s moves are pretty simple. He just smashes stuff and even yells the phrase when you do a jump attack. You can even do the move he did to Loki in the Avengers movie where he flings him around. I must say that it is pretty spot on. You can do that move by getting close to an enemy and pressing Action/Attack (H). There’s also a cool animation where he punts the minion away. By pressing his Special (K), he can pick up things and toss them by subsequently pressing H. Finally, he can turn back in Bruce Banner by pressing and holding (U) and vice versa. The animation for that is pretty funny.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Hulk Punt

Iron Man also has some moves of his own. By pressing (H), you can fire some missiles at enemies or objects. By pressing and holding down (H), you can target many objects at once by using your directional pad and let go of the Action button to fire the missiles. You can do his Unibeam by pressing and holding down his Special button (K) to charge up and release to fire. Iron Man is also able to fly by tapping Jump (J) once and tap again to have him floating around. To land, just tap (K) twice.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Iron Man

During the stage, you have to destroy taxi cabs and barricades and collect coins to get to Abomination. There are also some sand enemies that will get in your way but they are pretty easy to defeat. By collecting enough coins to fill up the bar at the top middle of the screen, you will earn the title “True Believer.” Like with other LEGO games, you also have to do some puzzles to reach certain checkpoints. There are times where you have to use the Hulk to pull things by pressing his Special (K) but I’ve had some issues with that. It would tell you to pressing the button repeatedly but when I do that, he would let go and I would have to start over. You can see my issue in a few parts of the video. I’m not sure if it was just me or if others have that same problem. Once you reach Abomination, you fight him by pressing certain button and it was pretty hilarious when Hulk used Abominations hand to hit himself.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Hulk Abomination

After you’ve defeated Abomination, you reach the second part of the demo where you try to get to Sandman at the end. Again, there are puzzles and obstacles to get through as well as more of the sand minions to fight off. In the end of this part, you reach Sandman’s “castle” and do another puzzle to get through the gate but before you do, you’re swept away to the roof.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Hulk vs Sandman

The final part of the demo, you are on the roof where the Sandman is terrorizing Stark Tower up above. In this area, Spider-Man joins the action with his web-slinging abilities. Let’s describe some of his moves shall we? By pressing the Action (H) button, he can shoot web bolts at objects. By pressing his Special (K), he does his Spider Sense ability where it allows him to see hidden objects. You have to use it a few times by the end of the demo. Spider-Man is also able to swing on his web by pressing Jump (J) twice. Make your way through a few more puzzles to weaken Sandman and use the Hulk to deliver the final blow.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Spider-Man

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Sandman

In the ending cutscene, workers are cleaning up the area and Nick Fury with Agent Coulson show up to apprehend Sandman and Abomination. They also have workers taking away the Cosmic Brick to the Fantastic Four’s lab for analysis. They don’t know who’s behind the whole operation but Fury orders Iron Man to get back to stark Tower to get some answers.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Nick Fury

Overall, the demo for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was really fun despite the lag I got from my computer. The animations were fantastic and the controls weren’t bad except for that one little issue with the Hulk pulling things. Check out my gameplay video below to get a feel of how the game will be. It took me about 40 minutes to complete so there’s plenty to do in the amount of demo given. Although it was pretty linear, there will be open-world play later on in the game. You can try out LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for yourself by downloading the demo from LEGO. You can still pre-order the game from Walmart, Gamestopicon, and on Amazon. The game will be released next Tuesday, October 22nd for all systems except for the Nintendo Wii. Now that I’ve tried the demo, I can’t wait to play the full game while relaxing in front of the TV. If you’ve tried the demo, let me know in the comments what you think of it.

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