2020 was a challenging year for everyone around the world but we’ve managed to continue grinding it out here on The Brick Fan. Today is one of my favorite times of the year as we can take a look at some of the stats for the site and how it compares to the previous years.

Since a majority of the world was under lockdown for a few months, people had a lot of time to go online. This means more time to read LEGO fan sites for news and updates as well as reviews and such. We ended the year at 25,803,380 pageviews which is up 13.5% from 2019. This also resulted in an increase of unique views and first time visitors as well.

There were 1,025 posts which was the most number of posts in a year for the site. The highest traffic day was on November 23 in which a combination of posts contributed to it including the reveal of the the LEGO Botanical Collection, and LEGO Star Wars sets as well as the December Store Calendar.

On social media, our counts are still slowly going up which you can see below:

Facebook – 18,672 likes/21,603 followers (16.4% increase)
Twitter – 10,824 followers (12.9% increase)
Instagram – 16.420 (7.3% increase)
Reddit – 538 readers (28.5% increase)

Overall, 2020 was a very successful year on the site and I truly appreciate everyone who comes to read it. I know it’s pretty hard doing normal stuff right now with the pandemic still going on. I personally haven’t been to my local LEGO store in a year because it isn’t worth the risk as this time. Hopefully we’ll get some sort of normalcy soon.

I’ll still be continuing to post LEGO news and deals with a sprinkle of reviews as the days go by. As for new releases, it’ll still be a bit hard to get products as warehouses are still not at 100% capacity. The LEGO Shop is still not fully functional during new releases as we saw last night with the 2021 sets. Hopefully everyone got what they wanted as some items have already went to backorder status.

Again, thank you to all the brick fans out there that have made this site what it is. It’s not the greatest one out there but I’m happy with it. As always, you can reach me anytime through email or social media if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. I do read all the emails and try to answer as many messages as possible but some may slip through the cracks but feel free to resend them.

Let’s make the best out of 2021 and I’ll see you around. Stay safe everyone!

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