It’s been a few days since the new year has rolled over and I’ve finally had time to do a recap on what happened last year on The Brick Fan. As usual, we take a looks at some of the stats and how they compare to previous years.

We’ve continued to grind it out last year and as a result, we ended the year with 31,523,189 page views which is a 22.2% increase from 2020. The unique visits went up 37.9% while first-time visitors increased by 33%. One little highlight is that we’ve crossed the 100 million page view mark early last year which is kind of mind blowing to me.

There was a total of 1,095 posts for 2021 which was the most that we’ve done in a single year. The highest traffic day was July 6 with 178,139 views which was a day after the LEGO Ideas Seinfeld (21328) was revealed. Apparently, the post got viral on the Google Chrome Suggestions so that helped a bunch with the views.

Our social media accounts have steadily increased but we do need some work on Instagram as it barely gained any followers. The numbers below are what we ended the year with.

Facebook: 20,106 likes/23,250 followers (7.68% increase)
Twitter: 11,962 followers (10.5% increase)
Instagram: 16634 followers (1.3% increase)
Reddit: 1572 readers (192.2% increase)

2021 was actually a busy and fairly stressful year for me on the site and personally and I’m surprised that it gained as much traction as it did. All the work was 99% done by me while also taking on a full-time position at my work as well as taking my mom to cancer treatments.

I’ll be continuing doing the usual LEGO news which should be something every day. LEGO reviews will be scattered throughout the year and for those who like finding LEGO deals, there will be more of that especially with the price increases in various countries.

I truly appreciate everyone who continues to support the site and what I do as a mostly one-man show. My brother does help out with the photography once in a while as well as LEGO gaming stuff but there hasn’t been much LEGO games lately. Hopefully, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga finally releases this year so he can actually do something. Anyways, thank you again for reading and let’s see what LEGO has in store for us in 2022. Stay safe everyone!

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