Like we previous years, we are back with a recap for The Brick Fan on what happened in 2022. I know some of you don’t read this but this is just for posterity.

Our post count went down to 912 from a previous 1,095 from 2021, however, 2022 was our highest traffic year with 32,039,740 page views. It’s not a huge increase from 2021 as it was only about 1% but we averaged more views per post which concludes that we didn’t need to post more to get the same amount of traffic. Makes me think of what traffic would be like if we had 100 posts a week, IYKYK.

The highest traffic day was on my birthday which coincidentally was also the same day as LEGO Con 2022 where LEGO revealed a lot of new sets that day. That was the previous record of the highest total ever on the site but that has since been broken a few days ago.

We had less returning visits but we did have more first time visits, possibly because of new fans that have joined the hobby in recent years. We crossed the 150 million page view mark and we should be hitting 200 million by the end of the year.

Our social media accounts have been growing slowly and I’m content on how they are growing. They could be better but I don’t advertise them too much or try to get people to follow.

Facebook – 25,979 followers (11% increase)
Twitter – 14,331 followers (19% increase)
Instagram – 16,996 followers (2% increase)
Reddit – 1,817 readers (15% increase)

2022 was marked with lots of ups and downs, personally and on the site. I’m still amazed on how many people just come to read what I have to put out and I do appreciate it especially with the limited time I have. I did give up my position at work to help take care of my mom and her cancer. It did come back again last year but she did have surgery in December and I can she is in remission again. Third time’s a charm, right? This is why my reviews of the 2023 LEGO sets haven’t been posted regularly but they’re coming soon.

As far what what 2023 holds for the site, I’ll just continue like I’ve been doing the past decade. If rumors are true about the 2023 sets, it’ll be a very fun year but we shall see.

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