It took a while but I’ve finally had some time to do a 2023 recap for The Brick Fan. Some of you guys might not be interested but it’s for my reference since I love stats.

Our post count went down again last year, down to 885, however, we almost hit the 30 million page view mark. We barely missed it by just 100,000 views which sounds about right since we had less posts. Last year, it was more family time for me as I was taking care of my mom more after her cancer surgery and I prioritized that a little more than what happened LEGO-wise. I expect that’ll be about the same this year as well.

The highest traffic day was on May 1 with 251,277 page views when a lot of the summer 2023 sets were revealed that day. The higher traffic trend continued for the next seven days with over 100k views each day.

Unique visits and returning visits were also down due to me posting less which is understandable. Some days were just low volume postings simply because there was no LEGO news to cover. I didn’t want to post just to post unlike some of the more prolific sites. We should be hitting the 200 million page view mark early this year so that’ll be something to celebrate.

Our social media accounts are just chugging along with some small increases in followers. Again, the numbers could grow a lot more but I don’t advertise too much for them. I could try something new with the posts to point readers to them. Like, follow, and subscribe!

Facebook – 27,942 followers (7% increase)
Twitter/X – 15,647 followers (9% increase)
Instagram – 17,652 followers (3% increase)
Threads – 2,321 followers
Reddit – 1,887 readers (3% increase)

I expect 2024 to be about the same as last year in terms of posting activities. Mostly, it’ll be about verified news with some rumor postings here and there. I don’t go all out with the rumors like in the past unless there’s concrete information to back it up, hence, the less number of posts. There’s already been some really wild rumors for the summer 2024 sets but they seem very far-fetched and I don’t want to get people’s hopes up for no reason.

Thank you to everyone to takes time to read stuff on this site even the reviews. The reviews are probably the second least view things that are read but I appreciate what guys think of my opinions of the sets. It’s been a passion project that turned into a full time job over the past decade and I’ll keep going until LEGO somehow goes away.

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