I didn’t think that I would get to this point but The Brick Fan celebrates ten years of being on the Internet. A decade ago, the domain was registered and I still remember where I was when I registered it. Longtime readers may remember that the site went by another name but due to a trademark violation of the original site name, I had to change it and I think it stuck pretty well, don’t you think?

The Brick Fan was born a few months after my return from the “Dark Ages” and I wanted to document LEGO sets that I bought back then. My first set that I got was the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (7965) which I still have built to this day. It went from me just taking pictures of various sets as a general hobby to going full time on it and reporting on LEGO news is what catapulted to what it is today.

Of course, it wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t for the readers who continue to support the site. I remember trying to get my name out there and to get 50 pageviews a day was an accomplishment to me. Then came 100 pageviews a day, then 1,000. After a year and a half, we finally got to 10,000 a day. Early last year, we managed to hit 100 million total views which is still a staggering number that I never thought it could reach.

I’m also surprised that I kept on grinding for this long. To think that so many people read what I have to put out every day is very humbling and I thank you. Your likes, comments, and shares is what motivates me to keep going every single day. Although I don’t reply to many comments, I do read all of them. I’ve also gotten to meet a lot of awesome people along the way in person and online. It’s pretty cool to go to a LEGO store and someone comes up to you and asks if you’re The Brick Fan.

Anyways, I’m still going to continue grinding it out with quality content which includes more LEGO news and reviews as they come and hopefully the site will still be online for another decade.

How did you first come to find The Brick Fan? Whether you’re one of the first readers or just found it today, let us know how you found the site below. I’m actually really interested to hear. Again, thank you for being a brick fan!

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