The LEGO Batman Movie 2-in-1 Super Pack (66546)

The LEGO Batman Movie 2-in-1 Super Pack (66546)

It looks like there is an exclusive Walmart 2-in-1 Super Pack for The LEGO Batman Movie that has shown up online. The Super Pack includes The Joker Balloon Escape (70900) and The Riddler Riddle Racer (70903) but it also includes a poster that we haven’t seen before.

The only sketchy thing about the set is that it is listed at $89.98 which is way above the price if you combined the two sets which comes out to $44.98 and I’m pretty sure that the poster doesn’t cost $45 unless it is gold plated. You can use Brickseek to check if there’s any of the Super Packs around you but it looks like it’s only online at this time.

  • donivan

    Yeah, they may want to rethink that price point.

  • Purple Dave

    You see, what happened is, they have to pay for all that extra cardboard. Also to cover the severance pay for whoever worked up that box art and forgot to point out that you get _two_ Batmen to fight all those baddies.

    • Mike McIntire

      Nah, they probably take one batman out. That’s why it costs more. They did you the service of finally producing a DC hero set WITHOUT Batman in it. 😉

      • Super Flash

        it says on the box that you get 2 batman figures

        • Mike McIntire

          It was a joke… About the sheer volume of batman figures you get with every wave of sets.

        • Purple Dave

          It does in the lineup at the bottom, but in the main graphic there’s only one Batman visible.

  • Comes With Wings

    The price is real. Apparently, that “Only at Walmart” sticker costs $50. LOL

  • Timbo The-Batman Z

    I purchased this today at Wal-Mart for $44.73