LEGO has explained on their blog how the LEGO CUUSOO Review works. Sets that have reached the required 10000 supporters are now review quarterly in the months of March, June, September, and December by the LEGO Jury. The “Jury” is made up of many different members including the LEGO CUUSOO project team, model designer, graphic designer, and a few people from management just to name a few.

After a set has reached the review stage, there are four phases that it goes through: Brand Fit Analysis, Business Case Development and License Agreements, Model Design, and Final Review. LEGO states there are no definite timeframes because some sets are easier to review and get everything together faster than others.

In the first phase, the Brand Fit Analysis determines if a set is appropriate for LEGO and their customers. This usually takes around 2 weeks or so. If projects do not pass this stage, then it will not be looked at any further. Examples of projects that are rejected in this phase are The Winchester and Firefly Serenity.

In the Business Case Development and License Agreements phase, the Jury determines if the project is feasible financially for the company. They also get the appropriate licenses for the sets. Because this takes a while to obtain, it may take months before this phase is completed.

For the Model Design phase, the LEGO designers creates models similar to the LEGO CUUSOO project that are in review. Here LEGO considers the playability factor or “Play Promise” for the set to their customers. This phase goes on at the same time as the Business Case Development and lasts about 3-4 weeks.

During the final review, when the previous phases have been completed, LEGO reviews the projects and make a final decision on whether they will produce it or not. Shortly after, they will make the official announcement.

LEGO has done a fantastic explanation of how the whole process goes after a project has reached the required 10000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO.