You may heard or seen pictures of a Chinese company called Lepin reproducing bootleg copies of various LEGO sets and selling them on the market for a fraction of the normal retail price. People who aren’t LEGO enthusiasts may not immediate know the difference between the Lepin clones and LEGO as they have similar logo fonts and packaging but us fans know it very well.

There’s news coming out of the LEGO Ambassador Network earlier this morning that The LEGO Group has filed civil actions in China against Lepin and the cases have been accepted in Chinese courts. Whether or not TLG will win these cases remain to be seen. You can check out the whole post below.

Dear RLUG Ambassadors,

We would like to confirm that the LEGO Group have recently filed civil actions in China against the manufacturer and distributor of LEPIN/乐拼 branded construction toys. Our cases have been accepted by Chinese courts and are now pending for trials. We expect the 1st instance decision to be handed down in approximately one years’ time. Please note that LEPIN will not be legally barred from marketing and selling its products while the case is being heard by the courts.

We deeply appreciate and share the LEGO community’s concern and frustration about passing-off or imitation of LEGO® products. We are committed to do whatever necessary to protect the LEGO brand and products against undue exploitation, and to minimize the risk of consumers being misled via improper use of LEGO Group intellectual property assets.

We want to thank all of you for your loyalty and support. Please feel free to share this message.

On behalf of the LEGO Group,

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