The LEGO Movie 2 has been promoted heavily the past few months and it opens this weekend but the estimated earnings may fall short of what Warner Bros. was expecting. Variety is reporting that TLM2 will debut with an estimated $31 million which will be the third worst out of the LEGO movies that have been released in theaters so far. Warner Bros. estimated that the movie will debut around $50 million this weekend but forecasts fell short with it only taking in $8.5 million on Friday.

One of the reasons why The LEGO Movie 2 opened lower than estimated is because of the crazy weather that the US is having right now. Some places are still raining and snowing and people would rather stay home than risk going out in that kind of weather.

Another reason could be that people maybe burned out of LEGO movies. This is the fourth movie in five years which included a break in 2018 but it’s still quite a few in a short amount of time.

I’ve heard mixed reviews of TLM2 but more positive than negatives. The most common one is that it’s a good movie but not at good as the first one which is typical for movies with sequels. I’ll be checking it out again tomorrow to see if there’s anything I missed the first time around.

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