The LEGO Movie 2 Keeping it Awesomer with Emmet

Amazon has updated their listing of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Keeping it Awesomer with Emmet which includes an exclusive Emmet minifigure with the book. The minifigure is hard to see but it looks like the one on the cover of the book which shows Emmet’s outfit all tattered. Since it’s hard to see the minifigure through the clamshell glare, it’s hard to see if it is the same one as the ones shown in a few of the sets that were revealed for SDCC.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Keeping it Awesomer with Emmet will be released on January 3 and it retails for $11.33. You can pre-order it now and you’ll get the lowest price if it drops between now and then.

Thanks to Michael for the heads up!

Let Emmet teach you how to be AWESOMER with his guide to life!Includes an exclusive Emmet Minifigure. THE LEGO MOVIE 2 – in cinemas February 2019! JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT COULDN’T GET AWESOMER… Remember when everything was awesome? Now get ready for even bigger, awesomer, and more action-packed adventures with Emmet and all his very best brick friends from THE LEGO MOVIE! When we last saw Emmet, he was the most positive, caring, super-duper guy in Bricksburg. This time, Emmet’s eternal optimism and master-building abilities will be put to the ultimate test: The very existence of play is at stake! Can Unikitty and Lucy help him stay positive? Can Benny the spaceman finally get a new helmet? Will Batman work in other colours than black? Will Metal Beard build new multi-purpose legs? Why are you still reading all these questions? Just buy the book!

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