LEGO Create & Combine Ice Cream Cruiser

The LEGO Movie minisite has been updated with a new section called Create & Combine in which they provide downloadable instructions for some really cool looking builds. Provided that you have the correct sets, you will be able to build these new vehicles. The last build is Emmet’s Dimensional Portal Machine and LEGO has only provided the pieces to create it. There’s nothing to combine on that build. These instructions give builders an inspiration to combine other sets they may have to create something unique.

The above image is called the Ice Cream Cruiser and it combines the Master Builder Academy Level – Space Designer (20200) and The LEGO Movie Ice Cream Machine (70804).

LEGO Create & Combine Thermo-Bolt Fire Flyer

Thermo-Bolt Fire Flyer

LEGO City Airport Fire Truck (60061) + Ninjago Kai Fighter (70721).

LEGO Create & Combine Raptor Rally Bike

Raptor Rally Bike

LEGO Creator Turbo Quad (31022) + Legends of Chima Eagle Legend Beast (70124)

LEGO Create & Combine Lion Claw Mark VII

Lion Claw Mark VII

LEGO Creator Sunset Speeder (31017) + Legends of Chima Lion Legend Beast (70123)

LEGO Create & Combine Hydro-Turbo Sky Ray

Hydro-Turbo Sky Ray

LEGO City Tow Truck (60056) + Ninjago Thunder Raider (70723)

LEGO Create & Combine Dimensional Portal Machine

Dimensional Portal Machine

**Thanks to Michael for the heads up.**

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