The Lego Movie Experience at LLCA

The new The LEGO Movie Experience is now open to the public at LEGOLAND California Resort. The Experience features a behind-the-scenes look at the real movie set seen in the film. You get to see the “basement” area that was shown in The LEGO Movie which shows the many different worlds of the movie including Bricksburg, The Old West, Cloud Cuckoo Land, the Octan Tower, and Middle Zealand just to name a few. The whole set took a team of 10 LEGO Master Builders 5 weeks to design the models and 2,000 hours to build the whole thing. Below are some other interesting facts about The LEGO Movie set:

1,200: Models on the set (two or more pieces stuck together)

3,863,484: Number of LEGO bricks used to create the set

15,080,330: Total LEGO pieces seen in the entire movie. If you were to build the entire film with LEGO, this is how many bricks you’d need.

116: Number of buildings made from LEGO.

165: Number of vehicles

15: Number of spaceships

1,423: Number of minifigures

The whole experience doesn’t stop there. There are also models displayed at the LEGOLAND Hotel as well. The model of the logo took about 4 Master Builders around 220 hours to complete. It is 8 feet long, 2.5 feet high, and 2.5 feet deep and weighs about 1,200 pounds. Check out the video below for a preview of The LEGO Movie set before you go and see the real thing. Jadon Sand, who plays Finn in the movie, will be there for the unveiling today.

**Via UT San Diego and Living Mi Vida Loca**

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