The LEGO Movie Pyjamas Emmet Polybag Found

The LEGO Movie Pyjamas Emmet Polybag

In our third straight article about The LEGO Movie, there is a new minifigure polybag that was found by Dorayaki over at Eurobricks. This polybag is called Pyjamas Emmet and it features Emmet in his pyjamas as seen in the trailer. It shows him half-awake yet happy at the same time. There’s no word on how it will be distributed at this time.

Update: Deepdalelegend on Brickset mentioned that this polybag is given out when you book tickets to The LEGO Movie. Plus there is also a mysterious DJ minifigure polybag supposedly given out as well. Well, time to go looking around to see if any theaters around here are doing the same offer.

  • Bricks on the Dollar

    With packaging like that, I have to assume it is going to be given out at the LEGO Store and [email protected] rather than a retailer. We already saw that the game pre-order will be. I look forward to learning more about this one as well as any potential minifig included in the DVD/Blu-ray down the road.

    • I’m thinking this one will be a March minimum purchase kind of thing.

    • Hey Clutch, check out the update about the minifig. People are saying it’s being given out at movie theaters including along with a DJ one O_o

      • Bricks on the Dollar

        I have full-on LEGO Movie fever. I bought all 13 sets, I plan to get as many of the polybags as possible, I want that monthly mini model, I am getting the accessory pack and all 4 posters, and I suppose I should collect the CMFs before they are gone. This is very unlike me. I’m also gonna get the game.

  • Weldon W. Worth

    I was going to make my own Emmet in PJs. This may be better!