The LEGO Movie Poster

The Wrap is reporting that The LEGO Movie sequel is already in the works. Even though the movie doesn’t premiere until this weekend, sources close with knowledge of the studio’s plans says that Jared Stern and another writer has already started working on the script a second movie. There’s no details yet of what the sequel will be about but it will no doubt make LEGO fans very happy. Stern has done work for The Internship, Wreck-It Ralph, and Mr. Popper’s Penguins, just to name a few. Early estimates are that The LEGO Movie this weekend will rake in around $40 million and should be the top box office movie.

The LEGO Movie sets are already very popular and stores have had trouble keeping them in stock but if another movie is released, there will most likely be even more sets coming out in the future. Does this news of a potential sequel make you even more excited?