The LEGO Movie Video Game

I’ve managed to complete The LEGO Movie Video Game on the Playstation 4 and have managed to get all the trophies associated with the game. Here’s an in-depth guide to completing everything the game has to offer including how to get all the Red Bricks to getting all the Golden Instruction pages. There are some things that you can easily do in Story Mode but the majority has to be done in Free Play since you will need specific abilities from various characters to do certain objectives. Hopefully this guide can help you out in your quest to getting the final “The Piece of Resistance” achievement.

The Piece of Resistance (Platinum)

Unlock All Trophies.

Cover Your Butt! (Bronze)

Complete Prologue – The Prophecy.

Lets Get Craaazzzyyyy (Bronze)

Complete Level 1 – Bricksburg Construction.

Darn Darn Darn Darny Darn! (Bronze)

Complete Level 2 – Escape From Bricksburg.

Are You A DJ? (Bronze)

Complete Level 3 – Flatbush Gulch.

Freeze, Turkeys! (Bronze)

Complete Level 4 – Flatbush Rooftops.

Rest In Pieces (Bronze)

Complete Level 5 – Escape From Flatbush.

No Frowny Faces (Bronze)

Complete Level 6 – Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Every Man For Himself! (Bronze)

Complete Level 7 – Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land.

You Can’t Build’Em All At Once (Bronze)

Complete Level 8 – Escape From Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Why Are My Pants Cold and Wet? (Bronze)

Complete Level 9 – The Depths.

This Bedoubled Land Couch (Bronze)

Complete Level 10 – Infiltrate The Octan Tower.

See You Later Alligator (Bronze)

Complete Level 11 – Put The Thing On The Thing.

Found your Pants, Series Is Over (Bronze)

Complete Level 12 – Broadcast News.

I Am A Master Builder! (Bronze)

Complete Level 13 – Back From Reality.

Release Every Micro Manager!(Bronze)

Complete Level 14 – Bricksburg Under Attack.

You Can Still Change Everything (Bronze)

Complete Level 15 – The Final Showdown.

Honey, Where Are My Pants? (Silver)

Collect all pairs of Pants (Single Player).

Throughout the game, there are 15 different pairs of pants that you can collect.

  • Bricksburg Construction:
  • You can get this pair of pants after the dancing minigame. All you have to do is to get 3 scores of Awesome or more before the song is over. It will be located by the stereo on the floor.

  • Escape From Bricksburg:
  • After you pick up the third piece of the instructions, use the hack terminal on the left and enter into the next room. The pants will be at the end of the path.

  • Flatbush Gulch:
  • In the back right corner of the camp will be a gate with a gold lock. Use a character that can melt the gate and head to the roof. There will be a drill spot with the pants below.

  • Flatbush Rooftops:
  • After you blown up the three ladders, cross the bridge and head down. Use Unikitty to get rid of the rainbow bricks. Go inside and interact with the window. Shoot all 10 targets to get the pants.

  • Escape From Flatbush:
  • Use a flying character at the beginning and go left. Melt the gold hatch and go inside. Use a explosives character to blow up the safe on the right side. Step on the switches to match the tan on the left and the green on the right.

  • Welcome To Cloud Cuckoo Land:
  • Go up the stairs and right before the secret knock with Vitruvius, go the left and fly to the rainbow. Step on the rainbow springboard to easily get the pants.

  • Attack On Cloud Cuckoo Land:
  • After you jump into the chicken’s mouth, fly to the far left and there will be 6 gold panels. Melt them all and use Green Lantern to build the pieces.

  • Escape From Could Cuckoo Land:
  • After getting access to the village on the right side, fly to the right further and there will be a box with a gold lock. Melt the lock and use Green Lantern again to build the pieces.

  • The Depths:
  • Once you swim to the next area, there will be 3 gold puffer fish that you have to destroy. The first one is at the beginning. The second is in an open area right after you get the first one. The final one is on an hidden path above the second fish.

  • Infiltrate The Octan Tower:
  • When the level starts, go to the right side and set a fire. Inside the room, put the numbers on the wheel.

  • Put That Thing on the Thing:
  • During the dance minigame, get 9 or more Awesome scores.

  • Broadcast News:
  • After the matching game, head right to the red couches and fly up.

  • Back From Reality:
  • At the Crater Site where the fire is blocking the stairs, go right. The back left corner has a switch for you to use Lord Business. Defeat 8 enemies and and pants are above the stairs.

  • Bricksburg Under Attack:
  • Right above the Flying Flusher is another roof area. Use Lord Business to turn off the switch then use Unikitty to destroy the rainbow bricks.

  • The Final Showdown:
  • In the second area, there will be a gold billboard on the left side. Melt the gold and the pants are behind it.

    You Are The Special (Silver)

    Achieve The Special in every level (Single Player).

    Bricksburg Construction – 105,000
    Escape from Bricksburg – 80,000 studs
    Flatbush Gulch – About 110,000
    Flatbush Rooftops – 210,000 studs
    Escape from Flatbush – 48,000 studs
    Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land – 75,000 studs
    Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land – 75,000 studs
    Escape from Cloud Cuckoo Land – 30,000 studs
    The Depths – 120,000 studs
    Infiltrate the Octan Tower – 205,000 studs
    Put the Thing on the Thing – 100,000 studs
    Broadcast News – 100,000 studs
    Back From Reality – 100,000 studs
    Bricksburg Under Attack – 120,000 studs
    The Final Showdown – 30,000 studs

    Welcome To Bricksburg (Silver)

    Collect all of the Red Bricks (Single Player).

  • Red Brick 1: Studs x2 (250,000 studs):
  • In Bricksburg, the easiest way is to use a flying character to where the crane is. Use Emmet to have the crane throw the missing fountain piece to the fountain. Push the piece into place on the other side.

  • Red Brick 2: Studs x4 (500,000 studs):
  • In The Old West, talk to Banker Clarence and he will tell you that his gold bars was robbed by the Cooper Brothers. Find all three gold bars and take them back to Clarence.

    The first robber is in the barn to the left of Clarence. Head up the stairs and push the box down. Use the Caveman to light a fire. When the horses run out, the gold will be inside. You also unlock the Firestarter trophy if you use the Caveman. The second robber is inside the Saloon. Use Vitruvius to do his secret knock at the top of the stairs. The final robber is in the toilet on the jail rooftop. Use Batman to grapple the door.

  • Red Brick 3: Studs x6 (1,000,000 studs):
  • In Cloud Cuckoo Land, head over to the gold wall/door and use a laser on it. Go across the rotating platforms to reach the puzzle area. Match all three puzzles to the picture in the background.

  • Red Brick 4: Studs x8 (2,500,000 studs):
  • In the Octan Tower, head to the game show area after you use the computer terminals on the second level and play the spinning wheel game. When the wheel lands on the red brick, it will appear behind you.

  • Red Brick 5: Studs x10 (5,000,000 studs):
  • In Bricksburg, Mrs. Scratchen-Post has lost her cats. They are spread throughout the town.

    The first cat is at the train station. Use Benny to hack the terminal. The second cat is on a balcony a few houses to the left of Mrs. Scratchen-Post. The third cat is on a roof on the opposite side of Mrs. Scratchen-Post next to the billboard. For the fourth cat, you will need Lord Business to flip the switch near the dining area. The cat is inside the building. There is also an instruction page for Red Brick 6. The last cat is inside an outhouse on top of a roof near the crane.

  • Red Brick 6: Fast Repair (100,000 studs):
  • In Bricksburg, go the the construction area where the guys are looking for a drill. Drill the area for the first instruction page. To the right of the park is a fence that you can use Wyldstyle to climb. Climb up to the roof. Use Vitruvius and throw this staff into the hole so Wyldstyle can swing across to get page two. The final page is where you got Mrs. Scratchen-Post’s fourth cat at the dining area.

  • Red Brick 7: Fast Drill (100,000 studs):
  • In The Old West, there are five birds that you have knock off five birds.

    The first bird is near the drill area above the bank. The second bird is in the graveyard. Destroy the gravestones and you can build a switch to get rid of the bird. The third bird is on the top of the Sheriff’s station. Use Benny to do the hack minigame. The fourth bird is inside the barn on the left side on the upper level. Break the bricks and rebuild them. The final bird is inside the corral where the rainbow bricks are. Use Unikitty to break the bricks down.

  • Red Brick 8: Fast Build (100,000 studs):
  • In The Old West, use Ice Cream Jo to throw ice cream at the fires on the right side of the area.

  • Red Brick 9: Fast Boomerangs (100,000 studs):
  • In Cloud Cuckoo Land, use an explosives character and set off the rockets. The first one is on the little island on the right. The second rocket is in the green tower on the left. The final rocket is the little cloud area on the upper left part of the area.

  • Red Brick 10: Fast Secret Knock (100,000 studs):
  • In Cloud Cuckoo Land, head to the upper left area and destroy all the objects. Use a Master Builder to create a set of stairs and follow the path to the tower.

  • Red Brick 11: Fast Hack (100,000 studs):
  • In the Octan Tower, use tall Lord Business to hit the switch on the wall.

  • Red Brick 12: Gold Instruction Page Detector (200,000 studs):
  • At the very top of the Saloon.

  • Red Brick 13: Red Brick Detector (200,000 studs):
  • In Cloud Cuckoo Land, there are 3 instruction pages to collect. The first is inside the tower on the left. The second is in the tower at the upper left. The final page is in the tower on the upper right side.

  • Red Brick 14: Pants Detector (200,000 studs):
  • In Bricksburg at the park where you find Mrs. Scratchen-Post, destroy the objects there and use a Master Builder to create the watering can vehicle.

  • Red Brick 15: Character Studs (100,000 studs):
  • In The Old West, melt the gold door in the back right area. Destroy the water tower on the Saloon roof. Use Vitruvius to enter the horse corral on the right side.

  • Red Brick 16: Collect Guide Studs (50,000 studs):
  • In Bricksburg, go to the residential area and there is a billboard in the back to change. The next billboard is on top of the train station. The final billboard is to the left of the crane area. Use a Master Builder to change it.

  • Red Brick 17: Attract Studs (600,000 studs):
  • In Cloud Cuckoo Land, there are three Unikitties you have to find. The first is in the tower on the back right side near the matching puzzle game. The second is in a big teacup in the middle of the main area. The final one is in the back left area near the stairs.

  • Red Brick 18: Extra Hearts (100,000 studs):
  • In the Octan Tower, there will be 5 posters of a blue minifigure schematic throughout the area that you have to take down.

  • Red Brick 19: Regenerate Hearts (100,000 studs):
  • In the Octan Tower, there will be 3 rainbow things to build with Unikitty. The first one is next to the ramp where there are gold bricks. Melt the bricks and rebuild the rainbow bricks with Unikitty. The second one is on the left side right after you enter the big doors. The final one is after you switched on the terminals. The rainbow bricks will be near the Broadcast News level.

  • Red Brick 20: Invincibility (100,000 studs):
  • It is inside the little room where you see the windows on the right side of the main room. Activate a switch and it will appear.

    Build Things Only You Can Build (Bronze)

    Collect all Golden Manuals

    Bricksburg Construction

    1. There are five security cameras throughout the level to destroy to get the first manual.

    2. Melt the gold lock to head to the next level. Use Lord Business and to grow and destroy all the buildings.

    3. In the same area, use Lord Business to walk through the flames.

    4. In the area after you demolish the house, there will be some rainbow bricks that Unikitty has to destroy Behind the bricks is the fourth manual.

    5. The final manual is when you’re falling down the hole. It will be at the center of a ring of studs.

    Escape From Bricksburg

    1. After you build the ladder, head towards the left side of the screen on a ledge.

    2. In the back, there is a computer terminal to Benny to hack.

    3. In the alley, there is a gold lock to melt. Fly up to the red balcony.

    4. This one is on a ledge on the bottom right side.

    5. During the chase, shoot the valve off one of the trucks. There will be some Robo SWAT coming at you during a slow motion sequence. There are 4 to take down.

    Flatbush Gulch

    1. While falling down the hole, there will be a manual in the center of some studs.

    2. After you come out of the mine, stay on the tracks to the right side. There is one towards the end of the tracks.

    3. There are 5 things hanging from a pole. You have to jump and break them. The first one is right after the ramp on the left side. The second is on the elevated level on the right side right after the first thing you break. The third is right before the mine on the left. The fourth is on the tracks on the left after you’ve left the mine. The final one is after the tracks and follow the elevated rocks to get to the right side.

    4. Right after you get you into town, there’s a small fire right in front of you. Extinguish it.

    5. The last one is inside the Saloon. Use Vitruvius to do the secret knock under the staircase.

    Flatbush Rooftops

    1. After destroying the ladders, head right and go down. Use Unikitty to destroy the rainbow brick saloon door. The manual is on the upper level.

    2. There are 3 spider webs with targets throughout the level.

    3. The third manual is above the final spider web target on the roof.

    4. While one the makeshift carriage chase, shoot 3 enemies that are wearing red on the cliffs.

    5. While in the same chase, there are 3 wagons to shoot. The chase will go in circles in case you miss one of the targets. Don’t complete the objective to keep going.

    Escape From Flatbush

    1. Fly to the left and use Unikitty to destroy the rainbow bricks.

    2. Also on the left side is a gold door. Melt it and jump inside. Melt the gold bars near the safe and open it. Step on the switches until the left matches tan and the right matches green.

    3. While progressing the level, there’s a place for Vitruvius to throw his staff. Use Wyldstyle to swing across and the manual is inside the blown up car.

    4. Towards the end of the level, there is a car that is totally on fire. throw Vitruvius’ staff at the water tower to put out the fire.

    5. The last manual is in the car right after you build the bridge. Jump down to the hole after it gets blown open. It’s in the right corner.

    Welcome To Cloud Cuckoo Land

    1. At the beginning of the level, there is a rainbow cloud that you destroy with Unikitty. Proceed through the area and jump on the rainbow springboard to get the first manual.

    2. In the main area, there are 5 large pinwheels that you attack.

    3. Also in the same area, there are 3 snowmen that you build.

    4. After you climb the cloud stairs, there is a manual right in the middle.

    5. In the next area, there are 5 dark clouds to destroy.

    Attack On Cloud Cuckoo Land

    1. In the area where the laser Micro Managers are, the manual is in the air after the second one.

    2. There are 6 fires you have to put out throughout the level.

    3. The third manual is behind a gold brick wall. Melt the wall and it will be behind it.

    4. After freeing Unikitty, there are 3 more small fires that you have to put out.

    5. For the last manual, there is a silver windmill that you have to simply destroy.

    Escape From Cloud Cuckoo Land

    1. The first manual is on the left side of the sub.

    2. The second on is on the far right on the Bat wing.

    3. After you reach Unikitty’s part of the sub, there are 3 gold fans that you melt down.

    4. In the same area, there are 3 rainbow flags to to knock down.

    5. The last manual is behind the climbable wall where you use a drill to open the box.

    The Depths

    1. When you start the level, jumpp down and there will be some gold rocks to melt. The manual is behind it.

    2. The second one is after you use the secret knock and fly to the top.

    3. When you are swimming, you have to find 5 orange-colored clamshells.

    4. The fourth one is hidden behind some rocks. The entrance is on the left side.

    5. For the last manual, you’ll be in the darker underwater area. After you pass the first school of colored fish, head to the lower right where it seems to make you head up to continue the level.

    Infiltrate The Octan Tower

    1. The first manual is inside a room. Light a fire at the back door. Start destroying stuff so you can use the pieces to create the numbers for the wheel. After you get it right, pull the lever.

    2. On the ship, there are 4 cannons to destroy.

    3. Once you are inside the Octan Tower, there are some gold canisters to melt.

    4. In the next room, fly out the window area and the manual will be in the air.

    5. The last one is in the Relic Room. Fly to the upper left area and use Lord Business to flip the switch.

    Put That Thing On The Thing

    1. At the entrance, head to the right side of the room and hack the terminal with Benny.

    2. The second manual is in the air towards the front of the screen.

    3. The third manual is on the upper level. Melt the gold door on the right side and it will be inside.

    4. In the next room, head to the right and there will be another terminal to hack. Control the Micro Manager and get the manual inside the room.

    5. The last one is flying in the air.

    Broadcast News

    1. The first gold manual is on the top right area of the room. You can either use Wyldstyle to climb there or have someone fly up.

    2. Use someone to repair the machine on the right side of the room. Go inside the meeting room and it will be on the table.

    3. In the same room, follow the colored notes and it will open up to reveal another manual.

    4. When you take control of MetalBeard destroy 6 canister bundles.

    5. The last manual is in the air towards the back of the room.

    Back From Reality

    1. After you you move the more open area, go up the stairs and one of the manuals is there.

    2. After the conveyor belt, melt the gold wall.

    3. On the upper level, push the elevator to the end and fly over to get it.

    4. The next one is in the room right above the grapple point.

    5. The last one is hidden in the green room after you climb the wall.

    Bricksburg Under Attack

    1. There are 4 fires to put out.

    2. Destroy the Fish and Hotel signs on the right side.

    3. The third one is hidden in an alley right below the hotel on the right.

    4. In the next area, build the statue on the right side.

    5. Melt the gold bars to the subway on the left.

    The Final Showdown

    1. Destroy 3 white objects in the ground area.

    2. In same area, stand on a ledge on the right side and interact with it. Fly to the top to get the manual.

    3. In the next area, there is a gold billboard. Melt it and the manual is behind it.

    4. On the top roof area, there are 3 fans on the left side to destroy.

    5. The final manual is on the right side after you destroy the fans there.

    Including, But Not Limited To (Bronze)

    Purchase all Master Builders.

    The Special People In Your Life (Gold)

    Purchase all Characters (Single Player).

    Always Read The Instructions! (Bronze)

    Complete all Instruction Builds in Story Mode.

    Midas Touch (Bronze)

    Complete all Golden Instruction Builds.

    From the hub changer, head to the Bonus Room and build everything from the Golden Manuals you’ve picked up.

    Business Business Business (Gold)

    Earn 1,000,000,000 studs.

    The easiest way to get this is to turn on all the stud multiplier Red Bricks so that you get x3840 per stud you pick up.

    Everything Is Awesome! (Gold)

    Achieve 100% completion.

    This means getting all 96 characters, buy all 20 Red Bricks, collecting all 75 Golden Manuals, getting The Special on all the 15 levels, collect all the pairs of Pants, and getting all 70 Gold Bricks.

    There are 10 Gold Bricks inside the Bonus Room.

    1. Start with the one on top of the red brick in the back of the room.

    2. Melt the gold off the grate.

    3. Under the ramp is a tube with a gold brick inside.

    4. Inside the fish tank on the other end of the room.

    5. Head up to the stereo system on the left side of the room and push the car over.

    6. Ride the car you pushed over and follow the studs trail.

    7. Do the hacking minigame next to the computer.

    8. At the top of the corkboard above the desk.

    9. Pull out the box under the bed and build all the pieces to the Cloud Cuckoo Land set.

    10. Collect 1,000,000 studs in the room.

    Really Hard? This be Impossible! (Bronze)

    Destroy 50 enemies as MetalBeard.

    The Opposite Of Happiness (Bronze)

    Defeat 20 enemies as Rage Unikitty.

    Ah! The Kragle! (Bronze)

    Kragelize 10 people with the Kragle gun.

    Building Bad (Bronze)

    Attempt a Mast Build-It with a Non-Master Builder.

    Pow! Pow! Bullet Bullet! Gun! (Bronze)

    Defeat 30 enemies as Emmet Cowboy.

    Ayayaya! (Bronze)

    Defeate 20 enemies as Sheriff Not-A-Robot.

    I Could Sing This Song For Hours (Silver)

    Score 21 awesome dance moves in the Construction Site dance mini game.

    A hint to getting all awesome moves is to let the button go into the circle and wait until it flashes bright before you press it. If you mess up, go back to the stereo and interact with it.

    No Way, This Is My Jam. (Silver)

    Score 21 awesome dance moves in the Kragelizer dance mini game.

    Same concept as the previous dance game.

    Firestarter (Bronze)

    Make a fire.

    This can be done in The Old West next to the horse barn on the left. This can also be done on MetalBeard’s Sea Cow in front of the door. Finally, you can do this on Cloud Cuckoo Land when lighting the rockets.

    First Try! (Bronze)

    Complete an Instruction Build without losing any studs.

    I Am The Computer (Bronze)

    Collect all studs in any hacking mini-game.

    Wear Clothes…Check! (Bronze)

    Customise your character.

    A House Divided (Bronze)

    Play as Abraham Lincoln and Lady Liberty.


    Complete all Master Builds in Server Room as Benny.

    I Super Hate You Right Now (Bronze)

    Play as Superman and Green Lantern.

    It’s Just Business (Bronze)

    Use Lord Business Legs Machine.

    The Prophecy, I Made It Up! (Bronze)

    Switch from Vitruvius into Ghost Vitruvius.

    END OF THE LINE! (Bronze)

    Shoot Emmet with Robo Skeleton.

    Glues Your Daddy? (Bronze)

    Use the Kragle Gun to shoot Ma and Pa Bad Cop in the Relic Room.

    To The Invisible Jet! (Bronze)

    Find and destroy the Invisible Jet.

    Head to Welcome To Cloud Cuckoo Land level. Go right and you will find a rainbow cloud. Use Unikitty to destroy it and make a springboard. Jump to the next area and the Invisible Jet will be on the right side in the open area where nothing is around.

    Grrrg! (Bronze)

    Smash a chair as Bad Cop.

    Too Bad! (Bronze)

    Switch from Good Cop (Scribble Face) to Bad Cop.

    Character Codes

    Cleopatra: P4YX22
    Emmet (Clown): FNHLTK
    Emmet (Lizard): UOOAQY
    Emmet (Pajamas): HJ4C21
    Emmet (Old West): NIHX2B
    Gallant Guard: FXP9AN
    Green Ninja: OSSVNI
    Lady Liberty: A76DN7
    Larry The Barista: K7TDXJ
    Lord Vampyre: KGJ4DU
    Mrs. Scratchen-post: UP7HJQ
    Panda Guy: NG73OM
    Prospector: FHNCD1
    Robo SWAT (Laser): GFH2F8
    Shakespear: 31S3I5
    Swamp Creature: BID12F
    Vitruvious (Young): BC2XJ5
    Yeti: V4P96P

    Character Prices

    Astro Kitty: 200,000 studs
    Biznis Kitty: 150,000 studs
    Bruce Wayne: 50,000 studs
    Calamity Drone: 500,000 studs
    Calimity Drone: 500,000 studs
    Cardio Carrie: 10,000 studs
    Caveman: 100,000 studs
    Cleopatra: 150,000 studs
    Demolition Guy: 50,000 studs
    Deputron: 150,000 studs
    Dr. McScrubs: 10,000 studs
    El Macho Wrestler: 100,000 studs
    Emmet (Clown): 50,000 studs
    Emmet (Lego Piece): 50,000 studs
    Emmet (Pyjamas): 50,000 studs
    Emmet (Shower): 50,000 studs
    Emmet (Surgeon): 50,000 studs
    Emmet (Trash Can): 50,000 studs
    Emmet (Woodsman): 50,000 studs
    Executive Ellen: 10,000 studs
    FemBot: 150,000 studs
    Frank the Foreman: 25,000 studs
    Gallant Guard: 50,000 studs
    Garbageman Grant: 10,000 studs
    Good Cop (Scribble Face): 300,000 studs
    Gordon Zola: 10,000 studs
    Green Ninja: 250,000 studs
    Hank Haystacks: 25,000 studs
    Hot Tub Harry: 50,000 studs
    Ice Cream Jo: 10,000 studs
    Ice Cream Mike: 10,000 studs
    Kabob Bob: 10,000 studs
    Lady Liberty: 150,000 studs
    Lord Business (Minifigure): 1,000,000 studs
    Lord Vampyre: 100,000 studs
    Ma Cop: 25,000 studs
    Magician: 100,000 studs
    MetalBeard (Minifigure): 250,000 studs
    Michelangelo: 100,000 studs
    Mummy: 100,000 studs
    Native: 100,000 studs
    Pa Cop: 25,000 studs
    Panda Guy: 150,000 studs
    Plumber Joe: 10,000 studs
    President Business: 1,000,000 studs
    Prospector: 25,000 studs
    Robo (Construction): 75,000 studs
    Robo (Demolition): 100,000 studs
    Robo Cowboy: 125,000 studs
    Robo Fed: 25,000 studs
    Robo Skeleton: 150,000 studs
    Robo SWAT (Armour): 125,000 studs
    Robo SWAT (Laser): 50,000 studs
    Robo SWAT (Rocket): 125,000 studs
    Robo SWAT: 50,000 studs
    Shakespear: 100,000 studs
    Sharon Shoehorn: 10,000 studs
    Sheriff-Not-A-Robot: 500,000 studs
    Sir Stack-a-Brick: 50,000 studs
    Taco Tuesday Guy: 10,000 studs
    Test Dummy: 100,000 studs
    Tomahawk: 150,000 studs
    Velma Staplebot: 50,000 studs
    Vitruvius (Ghost): 750,000 studs
    Where Are My Pant? Guy: 10,000 studs
    Wildstyle (Space): 75,000 studs
    Wiley Fusebot: 125,000 studs
    Witch: 150,000 studs
    Wyldstyle (Hood): 50,000 studs
    Yeti: 100,000 studs

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