LEGO Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype (30275)

We’ve reported on many LEGO polybags that have shown up on the Toys R Us website but haven’t seen it actually in stores but FBTB seems to have the inside scoop on a couple of them for some upcoming promotions. First up is the LEGO Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype (30275) which will be part of a promo starting on May 24.

The other polybag that’s been very sought for is the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes The Joker Bumper Car (30303). That one won’t be “available” until the week of August 9. What’s interesting about this one is that I’ve already seen a couple of people in the US who have been able to purchase this polybag from their local store as early as last week and I’m not sure why the promo listed is so far out. I’ve also reported that the Joker Bumper car could be available at Target as well but there hasn’t been any sightings of it over there yet. Of course for people in the UK, it will be be available this Sunday as part of their Daily Mail promo.

As soon as the promotions are over, TRU will most likely sell them for $3.99 each or if you’re lucky with the cashiers, they’ll probably just sell you one individually.

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes The Joker Bumper Car (30303)

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