People collect LEGO for many reasons. Most people love to build the sets, others love creating MOCs. Many of us try to collect a certain theme whether it be Star Wars or Super Heroes, there’s always something out there for someone. While collecting sets, there might be some that many would consider the “Holy Grail” of LEGO sets.

So what constitutes as a “Grail?” It pretty much can be anything that one’s heart desires. It could be a set that someone has been on their radar for a long time. An obvious example that sticks out would be the UCS Millennium Falcon (10179) from 2007. However it doesn’t have to be a rare or an expensive set. It can also mean collecting every set that has been released for a certain theme. Grails doesn’t have a set definition and can change over time as it constantly evolves to our taste and personal opinions.

Identifying what a “Grail” is gets challenging when one attempts to apply a meaning to it. It could be defined by it’s rarity, for example, popular retired sets like the Cafe Corner and the Green Grocer modulars and the before-mentioned Millennium Falcon. For some, other items like Comic Con exclusives could also be considered due to their rarity. For me, my Grail was the Death Star (10188) but that was a few years ago when I got back into the hobby and have since purchased one. My Grail has now shifted to the ever-elusive UCS Millennium Falcon but it isn’t a high priority for me.

With that said, what are your guys’ Grail set and have you been able to pick it up? To take it a step further if you have acquired it, have you opened the set up and built it or is it safely stored away? Let me know in the comments below.

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