I presented this question when Optimus Prime (10302) was released and now is a good time to revisit since Bumblebee (10338) was just announced but what LEGO Transformers character should see next? Now that we’ve gotten two Autobots checked off, theoretically we should see a Decepticon as the next set if LEGO continues this series.

The obvious choice is Megatron but I’ve already mentioned before that I’ll be hard for LEGO to make him as a gun or tank for his alternate modes. Even if it’s fantasy, LEGO has avoided making military-type sets so I would guess that LEGO would go for the jet mode from the movies or the Beast Wars T.Rex.

If Megatron can’t be touched, I don’t see why not since he is the main antagonist, I next clear choice is Soundwave. He is my favorite Decepticon and he’s a cassette player with various cassettes that also transform. He could potentially have lots of play features with all the different cassettes and shouldn’t bee too hard to transform since his legs just fold down from the sides and the legs pop out from the sides. Now that LEGO has introduced the sound brick, for the LEGO Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat (76429), it wouldn’t bee too hard to implement some voices for Soundwave.

Starscream could be another possibility and he has the same issue as Megatron as LEGO has it make it look not too military for his jet. His Cybertron jet is a little more fantasy so LEGO could go that route but his regular jet is more iconic.

Bumblebee wouldn’t be my choice for a second LEGO Transformers set but I’m still excited to get it when it comes out in a few weeks. If LEGO does continue with the Transformer series in a few years, a Decepticon should be the next choice. Which character should get the LEGO treatment next?

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