LEGO Angry Birds 2016 Official Set Images

LEGO Angry Birds

There hasn’t been much information about the upcoming 2016 LEGO Angry Birds sets but there are now the first official images of the sets coming from the Russian 2016 catalog. I won’t translate the names because I know they’ll come out weird but we do know the names of the characters for the sets. For the birds we have Red, Matilda, Stella, Bomb, Chuck, and Mighty Eagle. For the piggies, we have King Pig, Leonard, Pirate Pig, Biker Pig, Chef Pig, Foreman Pig, and generic Piggies.

The sets themselves look pretty interesting in various locations like the castle and pirate ship. There’s also a motorcycle, cannon, and airplane. The play feature is mainly the catapults that launch the birds to their targets pretty much similar to the game.

LEGO Angry Birds

LEGO Angry Birds

**Via Eurobricks**

  • Jared

    If you look at the figures, Leonard is the King Pig! It’s the same figure just with a cape and crown!

  • Armageddon Quilt

    I don’t like the look of these in the slightest- but I’ll hold back any real judgement for when we get more info and some reviews.

  • Zebby Bricks

    not much to say about this:(

  • Slaaqgh Fhtang

    Well it says that those sets are coming out in april. “Will the King Pig get an omelette for breakfast or Red will stop him?”

    • Jared

      Do they come out earlier, later, or the same time around here?

      • Slaaqgh Fhtang

        I it doesn’t says anything about another regions in russian catalg, but I think they come out same time in every region.
        I can translate sets names, but they are primitive so for sure they are russian translation of english-names. And retranslate may become not identical from original english.

        • Jared

          What are they?

          • Slaaqgh Fhtang

            75821 Pig’s car escape, 75822 Pig’s aircraft(plane) attack, 75823 Egg theft from a bird’s island, 75824 Wrecking of the Pigtown, 75825 Pig’s pirate ship, 75826 King Pig’s castle

  • Super Flash

    My eyes! They burn!

  • Francis Altura Japson

    This will not escape my collection.

  • anaksydney

    Please do not release it in my country

  • Peter

    I might get a small one, u know just to have 😛

  • Lego KingsCastle

    I guess I’ll buy the castle to add to my bigger castle, fits in better than that nexo stuff anyway and I’ll just stick the pigs and b§reds next to my other angry birds mercendice

  • jermain burnett

    The Lego Angry birds sets are good build soon find and the Angry Birds Minifigure are nice molding out there.