LEGO Brand Store Pick & Build Wall Fan Favorite Survey

LEGO Pick-a-Brick Fan Favorite

If you’ve been in a LEGO Brand Store here in the US and have checked out the Pick & Build Wall, you may have noticed some elements on the wall has a decal indicating that they they are “Fan Favorites.” LEGO has announced on the Ambassador Network that the program will be continuing through 2018. The 2017 elements have been already selected but they are reaching out to help find the best selection of elements for 2018.

I’ve uploaded the Excel sheet of all the LEGO elements which you can download here (129mb) as well as the 2016 Color Palatte which you can find here.

What LEGO is looking for is for you to suggest your favorite LEGO element(s) which you can find on column F on the spreadsheet and your favorite color(s) on the palatte. Also, they would like to know if you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback regarding the PAB Wall as well as LEGO Brand Retail Stores in general.

Let us know in the comments below and I’ll try to tally up all the suggestions to send over. Note that this survey only affects LEGO Brand Retail North America. The deadline is January 13, 2017.

  • David4

    Dear LEGO, Bring back sand red.


  • Robwiki

    4646577 profile finish bricks- any color

  • Jonathan Mills

    I’ve ordered hundreds of 22885 in light grey, element 6123809. It’s one of the best parts for SNOT building and absolutely critical for BrickHeadz.

  • John

    For heavens sake bring back sand red. it is getting so expensive on the aftermarket. In 2×4, 2×2, 2×1 to start. Maroon is nice, but not the same.

    Sand green 2×4, 1×2, 1×4. 1×1 was a start, but it is difficult to build substantial structures with 1×1. Beautiful color.

    Light bluish grey 2×4 and 2×2. I seems to always need more of these.

    Inverted 1×2 slope plates in light bluish grey. Great new piece and would love to have a bunch of these to create smooth undersides of ships.

    1×1 cheese slopes in light bluish grey.

    1×1 round studs with a hole in it in light bluish grey. These are amazing pieces, and seems fun to use.

    Translucent Yellow 2×6 pieces. I can dream.

    • Chris Edwards

      Your descriptions of parts are somewhat ambiguous. You’re supposed to refer to the spreadsheet to get element ids…

  • idk lol

    sand red anything tbh

  • Rainey

    Oh! I’d be so thrilled to see more useable pieces in the PaB wall! …tho I haven’t seen the decal at my store in Los Angeles yet (as of a week ago).

    For me, because of the season, it would be white slopes of all kinds and sizes to make terrain for my Winter Village. Some 1×2, 2×4, 4×4 and 6×6 transparent light blue for water features would also be MUCH appreciated

  • Ultron32

    #443 olive green grass stalk.
    #949 trans-clear 1×1 brick.
    #1042-1045 masonry bricks bluish gray or dark red or sand green. Practically any color tbh.
    #1185 black 1×2 curved slopes.
    #1293 black inverse 1×2 curved slopes (again other colors are cool).
    #1673 trans-clear headlight brick

    And sure sand red like everybody said.

    Sorry, that’s a lot, is that allowed? 😛

  • Brickfinger

    Ipad won’t dowload either of the excels, so-

    Brick, Round Corner 3 x 3 x 2 Dome Top
    (BL numbering)

    In regular green!

    And sand red 1×2 plates

  • JDrew33

    A square cup would be nice to put the pieces in for maximum capacity. Aside from that, bigger pieces like Wall Panels would be nice if they were more frequent.

  • David4

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who remembers sand red. I thankfully I bought a bag of 1×6 and 1×2 when they used to come in bags before PaB. I might have missed out on the cypress trees, but I got some more sand red.

    We have a million shades of blue and purple, yet couldn’t keep old greys and sand red.

  • Mike McIntire

    Get rid of the mini builds on the wall. We lose too many bins of PAB to them. If I wanted to build a set, I would buy one from the shelves.

  • ‘Stuart Kahler

    I’m surprised they don’t just cycle through the most common lugbulk picks. It’s an easy data source to mine.

    Earth tone 1xN bricks/plates in at least 2 sizes for each color (dark red/green/blue/tan/orange, d/lbley, med blue, reddish brown, sand green, tan). 1×1 and 1×2 plates of all colors. LBG/DBG tile in any shape/size. Heck, just cycle through tile. Foliage pieces. Pick a color for window/door frames, and cycle through all the available shapes that year. Don’t forget matching glass panes.

    But the most important part is to keep cycling new elements. Like 5 new ones per month. Almost all of the sets in the store change every year. Why is the PaB wall 80% the same? I really liked the new mini builds at first because they forced new parts onto the wall. But then they started reusing parts and the whole thing stagnated in the last 6 months. Sand green 1×2 plate is so good that I bought 6 quarts of it (though I had to cut about a hundred in half. But I’m good now. Next part, please.

  • Jonathan Gale

    My suggestion would be to allow the stores to order boxes of other elements on request from the lego parts available. If individual stores believe this is profitable then allow them to try and make money this way. If they have arrangements with local AFOLs then there’s plenty that would buy from store at store prices rather than waiting and paying LUGBulk prices. More money for Lego and more parts for AFOLs to create the great MOCs that inspire the kids to buy more Lego – everyone wins.

  • Trey Weight

    #6129994 Any color,those are super useful
    1×1 brick w/ studs on 4 sides any color
    Flame pieces #6216 and #6076535
    1×2 plate ball cup friction middle/end
    1×2 plate ball
    Plate 1×2 ball Ø5.9/cup/friction
    Gray chains 16M
    Gems or crystals translucent in any color

  • Henry Durand

    Cheese slopes in light bluish gray and dark bluish gray, please.