LEGO Disney Toys R Us Lumiere Building Event

Toys R Us LEGO Disney Beauty and the Beast Lumiere

If you missed out on the LEGO Disney Lumiere building event at Toys R Us last year, they are bringing it back this week. On Saturday, March 25 from 1-3pm local time, you can celebrate the new Disney Beauty and the Beast movie with a LEGO Disney Lumiere build which is the same exact build from last year. The event is intended for ages 6 and up and quantities are limited.

  • Rick Sanchez

    that face’s a sticker, huh?

    • Yes

    • Purple Dave

      They never do printed parts for these free builds. Stickers are easy to print, but pad-printing the bricks means you need to get time on the machine. Last I heard, it was running at max capacity, so odds of that happening for parts they’re just going to give away are somewhere south of nil.

      But this time it’s far more obvious that the flames are fairly standard trans-orange and not OMG-it’s-a-new-color trans-yellow, like they appeared in one of the original promotional photos.

  • Oh hey, my new nightmare for the next week or so arrived.

  • RockmanNeo

    When is Cogsworth gonna return? I missed it.

    • RectorSix

      Cogsworth is at the Canadian TRU weekend build instead of Lumiere.