LEGO DUPLO Cars 3 Official Images

A few days, I reported on the official images of the LEGO Juniors sets for Cars 3 and there are also images of some DUPLO sets for the movie as well. PromoBricks has let us know that there will be three sets coming out for Cars 3 along with the Juniors sets.

Flo’s Cafe (10846)

LEGO DUPLO Cars 3 Flo's Cafe (10846)

Mater’s Shed (10856)

LEGO DUPLO Cars 3 Mater's Shed (10856)

Piston Cup Race (10857)

LEGO DUPLO Cars 3 Piston Cup Race (10857)


LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 17 (71018) Showing Up at Walmart

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 17 (71018)

It looks like the Series 17 LEGO Collectible Minifigures (71018) have started to show up at Walmart stores early on the east coast. One of the people who have found them in stores is Brick Revolution who found a case in the LEGO aisle. The official release date for this wave is May 1.

Coincidentally, LEGO has released a new teaser video showing off the Highwayman minifigure which is still supposed to be a “secret” but he has already been found and revealed at LEGOLAND Billund.


LEGO Ideas Apollo 11 Saturn-V Rocket Command Module Teaser

LEGO Ideas Apollo 11 Saturn-V Rocket

As expect, LEGO has teased another part of the LEGO Ideas Apollo 11 Saturn-V Rocket on their social media sites. For this week, the command module of the Saturn V can be seen coming back to the Earth’s ocean. What will we see next week as it leads up to the June release date?


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man: Homecoming Official Images

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes ATM Heist Battle (76082)

There are now official images of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets for the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie. We first saw these sets at the 2017 New York Toy Fair but there are now official ones coming out of the Brickset database. First is the ATM Heist Battle (76082) which includes minifigures of of two Bank Robbers, one wearing a Hulk mask and the other with a Captain America mask, and Spider-Man. This set will retail for $19.99

The other set is Beware the Vulture (76083) which includes minifigures of Vulture, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the newly revealed, not-so-secret Shocker. This set will go for $39.99.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Beware the Vulture (76083)


LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue SWCO Exclusive Giveaway

Star Wars Celebration 2017 LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 has kicked off and if you’re not there, you probably have no chance to get the exclusive LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue set that is being sold there. However, LEGO is giving everyone a chance to win one via Twitter. All you have to do is retweet them and you are entered. There will be a total of 20 sets given away during the whole SWCO so it looks like five sets will be given out per day. Many will enter, few will win.

Star Wars Celebration 2017 LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue


LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Build Your Own Adventure Includes John Stewart Green Lantern

A few months ago, I reported that there will be a new John Stewart Green Lantern minifigure but was not sure what it will be included in. It looks like there’s confirmation that it will be the exclusive minifigure in the upcoming DK LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Build Your Own Adventure book. This was first found over at BricksFans but it looks like they’ve taken down the post.

This will be the third Green Lantern to become an official LEGO minifigure with the first one being Hal Jordan as a 2012 SDCC exclusive and the other in the Green Lantern vs. Sinestro (76025).

You can now pre-order the book on Amazon and it has a tentative release date of August 1 for the release.

An inspirational building book for fans of the LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes series that comes with an exclusive LEGO model.

LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes: Build Your Own Adventure combines more than 50 ideas for building with enthralling story starters from the world of LEGO DC Comics world. Get inspired to build, then play out Super Heroes adventures of your own using your LEGO collection.

Organized into five locational chapters from Central City to Lex Luthor’s Base, each section features an opener that brings the models together in imaginative scenes and contains a selection of inspirational model ideas.

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Build Your Own Adventure will get kids inspired to build and play out adventures of their own, and it comes with bricks and instructions to build an exclusive LEGO model to add to their collection.


LEGO Juniors Cars 3 Official Images

We know there will be Cars 3 sets coming in May for the LEGO Juniors line according to the May 2017 Store Calendar. It looks like the sets have already started showing up at Sears in Mexico who a member of Eurobricks has found. Now is a good time to post the official images of the sets which came out a few days ago.

Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher (10730)

LEGO Juniors Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher (10730)

Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator (10731)

LEGO Juniors Cars 3 Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator (10731)

Guido and Luigi’s Pit Shop (10732)

LEGO Juniors Cars 3 Guido and Luigi's Pit Shop (10732)

Mater’s Junkyard (10733)

LEGO Juniors Cars 3 Mater's Junkyard (10733)

Willy’s Butte Speed Training (10742)

LEGO Juniors Cars 3 Willy's Butte Speed Training (10742)

Smokey’s Garage (10743)

LEGO Juniors Cars 3 Smokey's Garage (10743)

Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race (10744)

LEGO Juniors Cars 3 Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race (10744)

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