All LEGO BrickHeadz 2018 Seasonal Sets Revealed

LEGO BrickHeadz Valentine's Bee (40270)

Earlier we’ve posted images of the LEGO BrickHeadz Valentine’s Bee (40270) and on the back of the box, we can also see the rest of this year’s seasonal offerings which include:

Easter – #30 Bunny
Halloween – #31 Witch
Thanksgiving – #32 Turkey
Christmas – #33 Mr. Claus & #34 Mrs. Claus

If these sets follow the release dates of the previous seasonal sets, they should be available a month before the event so the Bunny will be in March, With in September, Turkey in October, and the Clauses will be in November.

It’s kind of a bummer that LEGO has elected to show all the offerings because I do enjoy waiting for the reveals on the back of the building instructions like with the usual LEGO Seasonal sets. What do you think of these sets and will you be picking up all six for this year?

  • David4

    Woohoo! Saving $40+!

    I oddly really like Mrs. Claus.

  • OhioBricker

    I don’t like these any more or less than the even-year brick-built seasonal sets we’ve seen the past few years. I’m not really a BrickHeadz guy, though. I’ll probably just stick to Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

  • Jordy

    Ugliest and worst idea Lego has ever had.

  • ayuken

    Not really a Brickheadz fan, but the Mr. and Mrs. Claus offerings are enticing.

  • Riddler22

    These are great! Much better than previous seasonal sets as well.

  • Purple Dave

    It’s not quite the same thing, but just going by the first set, you’ll still have the bases for each model to look forward to being unveiled. Also, this set begs one question: Have they done any birds for Valentine’s Day yet?

  • Kelcey Bradley

    I don’t collect BrickHeadz nor do I plan to start, I do hope they have seasonal sets that I can incorporate into my city like this past year.