I love LEGO. Who doesn’t love LEGO? You take little bricks and create wonders with your imagination. Growing up with the basic bricks and building crazy and colorful structures and vehicles made me happy. Now I’m all grown up and I’m proud to be an AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO).

For the past couple of months, my love for the bricks came back again after almost two decades of dormancy. The sets that interested me on my return were the Harry Potter and especially the Star Wars sets. As a Star Wars fan, I love how the whole universe is recreated by these tiny bricks, ranging from all the vehicles and ships to the minifigs themselves. There’s also a sense of satisfaction when each set is completed and you can say to yourself “Wow!”

There are thousands if not millions of AFOL’s in the world but there’s one in particular, besides my girlfriend, that I can thank for rekindling my passion for LEGO, Chris Pirillo. I’ve been following Chris and the Lockergnome community for many years now for technology news but I also enjoy his LEGO videos as well. He has even mentioned that his LEGO videos bring in more traffic than his tech videos. Chris recently did an interview for a LEGO radio documentary on a TLDR episode discussing his experience with LEGO.

Here is also one of his many LEGO articles he’s written: http://chris.pirillo.com/i-like-lego/. Although it’s an older article, it’s a good one. Much like how the bricks themselves are timeless.

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