Back in the early part of June, BrickLink was sold to the founder of Korean game company Nexon, Jung-Ju Kim. At the end of the same month, Brick Owl officially opened as another LEGO trading platform. Since the announcement, there hasn’t been any concrete updates for the upcoming BrickLink 2.0. Yesterday, Brick Owl announced that they have received a Cease and Desist letter from BrickLink and were demanded to immediately cease providing their services altogether. This includes using BrickLink’s unique numbering and naming systems as well as the sync feature which extracts data from BrickLink to display on Brick Owl. To me, this pretty much sounds like BrickLink is claiming the exclusive rights to all their data including the naming and numbering system and wants Brick Owl to shut down completely.

However, to counter the C&D letter, Brick Owl will be implementing some changes to their site which includes, removing BrickLink names and numbers from the site. The BrickLink Sync feature also will be disabled on September 28th.

There have been many discussions on whether BrickLink’s catalog was free to use without restrictions but it looks like a corporate giant is putting their proverbial foot down on competitors even though they encouraged competition as they stated on their TOS changes. Keep up with all the happenings over on Brick Owl here.

**Via The Brick News**

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