BrickLink Announces Site Will Catalog BrickArms Products

Yesterday, BrickLink announced that they will now start start cataloging BrickArms items and sellers will be able to add them to their inventory. If you’re not familiar with BrickArms, they are LEGO compatible accessories that specialize in military weapons and equipment which are not present in official LEGO products.

Of course, this annoucement has caused some outrage for longtime sellers on BrickLink who, for the most part, are not happy with this change. BrickLink has been known to sell LEGO products as well as some custom items before but those items were still on official LEGO parts like custom minifigures and bricks. BrickArms, however, are technically not genuine LEGO parts but are complementary to them and are pretty high quality molds from what I’ve seen.

Some commenters have say that this could open the door to other companies like LEPIN or Mega Bloks and even BrickLink mentions that they are open to adding more brands to the site in the future, with restrictions. One thing that’s for sure is that BrickLink will be trying it out and seeing how it goes.

For fans of BrickArms, this move makes the brand more accessible since they are only sold through authorized resellers. Adding them BrickLink will be another source to get the products. BrickLink will be making some changes to the site to filter out BrickArms products if you don’t want to see them.

As I stated yesterday on Twitter, this announcement is questionable but we’ll just have to see if this decision pans out or not. This obviously is a business move and they are expanding into unknown territories. If you’re a user on BrickLink, what’s your stance in this announcement?

  • James Busch

    Honestly I’m fine with 3rd party bricks being included on Bricklink. However, to include a knockoff company on their site would be a bad move and would be disgraceful.

  • Kyle Wright

    It’s entering some shady territory, but I think as long as it’s clearly noted when it’s a BrickArms piece, and not LEGO it will be good. I do like the BrickArms I’ve seen, and see them as more complementary to LEGO than companies like LEPIN.

    • Purple Dave

      They stated that they’ll have a feature where you can view only LEGO, only Brickarms, or both simultaneously. So all the people who are freaking out can click a box and go back to pretending that Brickarms haven’t been sold there, with explicit permission, for _years_.

  • Thita

    BrickArms and other custom items were always allowed on BrickLink (but not clone bricks or LEGO competitors). It’s something Dan set up when he was still running the site. They are under the Custom category, which doesn’t have the type of well-organized Catalog system the main part of the site has, so it is hard to find specific items you are looking for. Basically, the only thing that’s changed is that now custom items will be better organized. The reason so many people are freaking out is because they didn’t even know that section of the site existed. That’s how well the feature was hidden. LOL. I have bought some really sweet items there from some very small but very good customizers most people never even heard of.

    • Purple Dave

      I’ve known they were allowed to be sold there, but had forgotten how long ago it started (long enough that I’m sure a lot of the people throwing a tantrum over this might have joined _after_ Brickarms were officially sanctioned). However, I don’t believe I ever bought anything there before. The way the custom listings “worked” was such a teeth-pulling, cat-herding, honest-politicianing ordeal that I just gave up and searched elsewhere. Even after finding a store that sold the type of items I was looking for, it could take hours to actually wade through the inventory because you couldn’t actually search for anything.

      • Thita

        Yes, exactly. You really had to know the inventory of the customizer you wanted to shop from to get the items you wanted. I remember spending hours looking through stuff. Eventually, I almost always ended up placing subsequent orders directly from the customizer via their own website (if they had one). BrickLink was a good outlet though for customizers who didn’t have their own online shop. They basically advertised their products through flickr, and then sent people who were interested to their BrickLink store. There was also this blog called the Ugly Duckling of BrickLink that regularly featured customizers. It was one of my most favorite blogs those days. Customization is very different these days, but that’s another topic for another day. 🙂

  • Tom Buckner

    I like building LEGO, MEGA BLOX, BrickArms and will appreciate being able to catalog and find other items. Thanks for the tips in comments on the already availability of this.

  • Gomek

    Is Citizen Brick next?

  • Zeebricks

    I think it’s a great idea.