It’s been a week since the first round restart of the BrickLink Designer Program and it looks like all five project have sold out or did it? The site says that they have all sold out but there was still a lot of pre-orders open for the Sheriff’s Safe, Kakapo, and Pursuit of Flight as of yesterday. I’m pretty sure that this is just a programming error on their part because you are still able to add them to the LEGO Shop cart if you have the direct links. Lucky for you, we have them readily available and you can continue to purchase them.

Sheriff’s Safe (910016) – $49.99
Kakapo (910017) – $79.99
Pursuit of Flight (910028) – $54.99

In addition, Round 2 crowdfunding is listed as August 15 but we already know that it was pushed to September because of the extended rounds. Round 3 looks to be at the correct pace for a November 1 crowdfunding according to the new structure image in the link post.

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