Back in June, LEGO Ideas started a building contest for Chronicle Books to create an idea for a puzzle to be released at a future date. The entries are now set and the fan vote for the contest is now live. There are 40 total entries spread out in four categories which include Space, Retro, Nature, and Architecture. You have only once chance to cast your vote so choose wisely. Voting will end on August 19 and there will be one winner in each category. Since there are two announcements, the fan vote winners will not necessarily be made into a puzzle.


Minifigure Logo by aido_k

On the Space Station by Brick Hardstone

Exploring the Cosmos by FSLeinad

Lunar LEGO by zibeon

The First Man on the Moon by ElSombreroBuildings

Space Mission: Put Away the Toy Box! by sumirebrick

United Systems by TimGoddard928

Entering a Universe of Creativity by AJBuster

Nebula Mosaic by JJClutch

Space Station by SJs Workshop


1999 This n’ That by pino_creations

Colourful Cassettes by Legolid

Gramophone, the Beauty of Music by VNMBricks

Grandmother’s Sweing Machine by SONIABRICK

Venetian Lagoon by Albrick

AM/FM Radio and Cassette Player by ThinkClever

Time to Go for a Walk(Man) Now?! by Inferno Owl

Transportation by BrickFan80

Retro Roller by Indiaislemon

Granny Squares Blanket by The Brick Nurse


Honey Bee Waggle Dance by The Brick Nurse

The Deer by Les Briques de Loïc

In the Mountains by Picea

Seeds of Creativity by PeachesPitt

The Joy of Flowers by Caobeto

Sunrise on the Lake by ladykatyj

Snow and Peacock by MoMoLam

Deer Cove Falls by Robert4168/Garmadon

Flowers and Insects by LegoPumpkinPorg

The Power of LEGO in a Dull World by LEGO DESIGN


The Arts and Quilt Building by WhyFall

The Rising City by JeffWorks

The Museum of the Impossible by yop1172.

Architecture Inspiration by JuBex

The Doors of Creativity by Albrick

City Landscape by Hook1976

Layers City by insomnia_builds

Vibrant Community by Nimijeanu

Home by Arfelan Nest

Mid-Century Modern House by Sir Brickatroyd

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