Break out your wallets as LEGO and BrickLink has now given an update of the prices for Round 3 of the BrickLink Designer Program. For Round 3, there are nine final projects which you can check out below and prices range from $129.99 to $399.99.

As of right now, there is no date listed on when you can start pre-ordering since a majority of them are still in the Test Building stage. One project is eager to get it going and is Production Ready while another is still in the Digital Modeling stage. I’ll won’t be surprised if some of the more popular ones won’t hit the 3,000 pre-order minimum with the higher price points.

Space Troopers! – $199.99/2,670 pieces

1950s Diner – $129.99/1,377 pieces

Train Station: Studgate – $399.99/4,062 pieces

Working Waterfall – $229.99/2,399 pieces

Exploratorium – $299.99/3,403 pieces

Winter Chalet – $199.99/2,705 pieces

Modular Construction Site – $319.99/3,371 pieces

Mountain View Observatory – $319.99/3,889 pieces

Brickwest Studios – $349.99/3,928 pieces

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