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Batman vs Superman by BrickNerd

Batman Vs Superman

BrickNerd, aka Tommy Williamson, is back with their latest LEGO stop-motion project, Batman vs Superman. This short video pits Batman against Superman for some wildly unknown reason because Batman’s being Batman.

The animation is very smooth and it doesn’t even look like the video is even a stop-motion animation which shows how much effort Tommy and his team put in. Plus, the poster by Paul Lee is pretty cool looking too. Check out the video below.


The LEGO Movie HISHE Alternate Ending

Back in May, there was a video by How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) in collaboration with Brotherhood Workshop which featured The LEGO Movie. They have done another video for The LEGO Movie which shows an alternate ending to what happened to President/Lord Business after Emmet and the other Master Builders saved the day. Again, it’s pretty funny to see what Brotherhood Workshop has put together. Check out the video below.


LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer #2 by Antonio Toscano

Friday marks the premiere of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters and over the past weekend while I was at San Diego Comic Con 2014, Antonio Toscano posted a new video of the GotG trailer that he has created on our Facebook Page. Like many of his other videos, Antonio has recreated the second Guardians of the Galaxy trailer done entirely in LEGO. Check out the video below and make sure to subscribe to his channel to see more of his cool videos. As usual, he has done a pretty good job on it with the sets that are now available. Check out both versions of the trailer below and see the close similarities both have to each other.


World War B Takes Over LEGO

Adult Swim on YouTube has posted a very funny LEGO stop-motion video from Robot Chicken called World War B showing what would go on if off-brand blocks, who have a taste for LEGO blood, took over the world. The video makes fun of a number of building block brands and was inspired by what went on in the movie World War Z. Take a couple of minutes and watch this humorous video. There’s no mentioning of who did the animation but they did an awesome job on it. View discretion is advised.

Update: I’ve been informed that the animation was created by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.

**Via The Brothers Brick**


The LEGO Movie How It Should Have Ended

There is a new video from the web series How It Should Have Ended in conjunction with Brotherhood Workshop which features The LEGO Movie. Superman and Batman are at a restaurant and Superman discusses why he and other Super Heroes and Master Builders were taken out so easily. He notes that he should have broken out of the gum and used his powers to defeat the worker drone army and save the day. Check out the hilarious video below with a cameo by Green Lantern.


LEGO First Kiss by Antonio Toscano

The First Kiss video by Tatia Pilieva was about twenty strangers were asked to kiss for the first time. People got together even with the awkwardness and the video was very moving.

Antonio Toscano, known for his various stop-motion videos, has done a LEGO version of First Kiss using minifigures. Unlike the original video, there are a few comedic shots in his version as well. Check out Antonio’s video above and if you haven’t seen the original by Tatia, I’ve embedded that one below.


LEGO The Simpsons / The LEGO Movie Couch Gag

There’s a new cool LEGO video of The Simpsons couch gag that was created by Brickfilmer MonsieurCaron. This stop-motion video incorporates the LEGO The Simpsons House (71006) as well as various characters from The LEGO Movie. The minute video shows three different gags and is done very well. Check out the video below.


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